Why my father rocks…

Dad - compressedWhen we are parents of young children, we tend to focus on our spouses on Father’s Day – the father of our children. And as much as I love the hubby, and I do more than I can ever write about in a blog, I feel as if my own father gets left out a bit. Perhaps I can’t buy him one of those expensive electronic gadgets he loves, but what I can do is use this blog as a way for him to know that I think he rocks.

Why does my Dad rock? Here’s why:

1. There is not a day from my childhood or adult life that my father doesn’t make time for me. If I ask for help, he provides. If I ask for guidance, he is there. When I call, he answers. He is a man to be counted on.

2. All of my childhood memories include my father playing with me. He would love to get down on the floor and wrestle with us. He would let me climb on his back and pretend he was a pony. He taught me card games and how to grab the spoon super fast during that crazy game of Spoons. He always has a smile on his face. Amazing.

3. He made me work hard. When I had a test in school, he would make up practice tests. And he would even put a line at the top for where to put your name. Yes, I’m serious. He wanted us to feel like it was the real deal. However, I’m sorry Dad, it didn’t work that successfully for Biology… I still have no idea what the endocrine system for a worm looks like.

4. When I called him in tears because my marriage to my 1st husband was falling apart and I needed to go see a lawyer, he flew to where I lived the very next day just to go with me. He wanted to take care of me, and honestly, I needed to be cared for. I will never forget that he did that for me. Never.

5. He loves my children unconditionally. My father was made to not only be a dad but to also be a grandpa. He plays with my kids just like he played with me. And the best part is that they think his jokes are hilarious. They are definitely his target audience.

Happy Father’s Day Dad – thank you for always reading and being my Dad. I hit the jackpot when I got to be your daughter.



  1. Saw this and had to stop by because I am blogging a series “My Daddy Rocks” right now although it is about little ones, not grown up dads…

    It’s good to hear about good dads : )

  2. I love this. He sounds so much like my dad, who has had to field numerous 2 AM phone calls from colleges across the country when we’d drunk a bit too much and wanted to blabber on an on to him about our relationships. :)

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