Why don’t they ever stop eating???

momaha logoMy children have an internal radar that goes off when they see that I have actually finished cleaning up a meal or snack. It’s the alarm that makes them say, “I’m still hungry, can I have something else to eat?”  I feel like I’m feeding a NFL football team most days. How can two little people with miniature stomachs eat so much?

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  1. Oh how I can relate to this post. When our 3 would sit down at snack time, I would always ask the question, “has everybody had enough? are you guys good? anybody want more?” And it never failed…….every single time, our oldest (our only girl) would say (as soon as the last crumb was wiped up, mind you) “can I have more?”

    I must admit that I lost it a few times and my husband failed to understand my exasperation. Of course, he hadn’t witnessed the whole scenario. Until I decided to give him a few turns at the dreaded “snack time”.

    Those days are long gone but it’s nice to know it wasn’t just my house. And I’m with you on the chef. I’ll clean, do laundry, run errands. But, if someone would just deal with the food, that would be a little slice of heaven!!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

  2. Howdy, Stopping by from the weekend social mix blog hop. I already stalk . . . I mean follow . . . you on FB and twitter. I am right there with you on the snacks/eating. With my son, it’s after everything’s cleaned up AND I’ve sat down with a cup of coffee (or an adult beverage) . . . then he asks for more snack or dessert. He’s learning to ask before I sit down! :)

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