We’ve had the martinis but now we have the minivan!

minivan for postNow this is what I’m talking about. This is now officially MARTINIS AND MINIVANS!!!

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate what is the world’s best invention – the minivan. Yes, yes, I know, figuring out how to cure polio was a good one, as well as whoever invented reality television. However, personally, I have to say that the minivan is one that just blows my mind. I think I will spend the next ten years of my life figuring out what all these buttons and crap do.

But I will be honest – Saturday was the day from hell. We started at 10 am and hit 4 dealerships. At the first dealership. we tried to swindle our way to the most suped up minivan ever – to which we were basically bitch slapped and told to go home.  Not a success.

After that experience, we checked out two more cars – one of which smelled like a prostitute who smoked while she did her “business” in the backseat. (Which is quite spacious, I must admit…)

Finally, after 5 hours of feeling the slime of car salesman ooze into our skin, we found her.

Her name is Sweet Caroline. She is a blue ray of sunshine.

It’s a shame that I won’t let my kids ever get into it… Oh what?? We bought it for them?  Crap. Sweet Caroline is going to be a dirty old hag then within a week. Damn kids.



  1. michelle says:

    whoop whoop! you and sweet caroline look hot! xo

  2. Congrats!! You’ll love the minivan life and that’s a great pic of you, too!

  3. awesome, you can haul kids around in a minivan and save on that furniture delivery charge too, they will haul anything, congrats!

  4. Congrats! Looks like a sweet ride!

    We love our minivan too!

  5. great pic! Are you going to reveal the make/model! I love the name Sweet Caroline!

  6. Enjoy her cleanliness while it lasts :) Gratz though

  7. Didja get one with a built in vacuum? Or did I just see that feature in an article about things minivans *should* have. Maybe if you get a Dustbuster, the kids will be so excited by the novelty that they’ll fight over whose turn it is to clean up the backseat.

    I swear, I don’t even have a car (live in NYC) and I know they should make a mat for the backseat floor so you can take it out and shake out the accumulated mess. Yet they don’t.

  8. Imhere4Apoli says:

    OMG! Have you seen what all you can shove into one of those?!? You can now buy booze at Costco or Sam’s Club & not need hubby’s utility work truck to get it all home! Enjoy the new wheels, mama!

  9. Car shopping is the worst, but then you get to bring your new baby home. Enjoy Sweet Caroline. I’m guessing you will be spending lots of time together.

  10. I am literally laughing out loud @ sweet Caroline becoming an old hag…lololol. Congrats on your first mini-van…I am not there yet, I refuse to let go of my SUV…if it means I can’t do carpool, I am willing to sacrifice that lovely honor…what a world…LOL.

  11. I was just telling a GF this weekend I would love a minivan, if only I needed it since I only have one child and no more, I don’t think my husband would agree to “needing” it! I am so jealous of other Mom’s who can press one button and magic!!!

  12. I never have considered buying a minivan until I became a mom. And now you just made me want to buy one like TODAY. I need to fetch a martini first.

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