Top 10 Places Moms Wish They Could Bring A Flask

HuffingtonPost-Logo - compressedEver wish you could bring a flask to different places and it would be acceptable? If so, you’ll want to check out my latest post on The Huffington Post called “10 Places Moms Wish They Could Take A Flask”

Don’t believe me? Try sitting through a toddler soccer game and you’ll understand…

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  1. Amazing.
    Love every bit of it… and let’s add playdates with the “awkward” mom who didn’t have friends in high school and is dying for her children can make friends for her.

  2. Oh yes!

    …how about awkward family/in-law dinners? Or, perhaps that’s just me….

    Love your site and your hilarious commentary on being a mom. We’d be honored if you submitted a piece to Great Moments in Parenting, an open blog where moms and dads share the agony and ecstasy of life with kids. We’re happy to link back to your website. Here’s the link to submit: Thanks for considering it!

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