The thong that made me pee my pants laughing…

I seriously have the world’s best readers. Honestly, you guys are hilarious. So a few days ago, one of you sent me a link to this newly invented thong and asked my thoughts on it.

Warning: It’s a picture of a thong so if you are working at some place like a church rectory or worse, Congress, you might want to click on it from home.

I can’t post a direct picture because I don’t have the rights to do that, but trust me, click on the link and you’ll see why I almost peed my pants when I saw it.

After looking sideways at the screen for awhile to figure out how it really worked, I made a few observations.

Observation #1: Those women are totally faking those smiles. There is no way that a wire up their butts evokes that kind of happiness.

Observation #2: I am quite curious why Arizona, California and Oregon jumped aboard carrying them as compared to other states. Is there a direct correlation to which states are now legalizing marijuana?

Observation #3: You seriously must read the testimonial. I can honestly say I’ve never walked around wondering if people are going commando or not. Am I in the minority here?

Observation #4: All the models are touching their hair because they are secretly ripping it out from the pain.

Observation #5: What happens when you go through an airport metal detector?? That is seriously going to make that TSA agent’s day…

What’s your thoughts? Would you wear it? 



  1. My eyes! My eyes! Lol!

  2. No, no and HEEEELLLL NO. I’ll take granny panties any day over that nonsense.

  3. I know a lot of burlesque/boylesque dancers, so I’ve seen em around onstage for a while. Yes, they make them for men. I’ve also seen em slip right off. Just doesn’t look stable or comfortable enough for me to buy into, but I gave up the thong long ago.

  4. OH Hell to the NO!!!

  5. Oh hell no, ! I spent my whole life pulling my underwear out of my ass. Why would I wear something that goes there. Thongs are just gross and now they are making an under wire for your ass?! Under wire bras are pure torture butt, (LOL) now one for your down under. Look at the lady’s face that is holding it. She is thinking “I’m touching it where the asshole goes. Ewww!.

  6. I am stunned — first by the product — and second by the woman who gave testimonials who gave their full names? Can those possibly be real people or are those fake names? Hilarious!

  7. And . . . nope. Just not ever happening. Thanks, C-string, you ridiculous piece of insanity!

  8. OMG, this is hilarious. How do you keep this thing in place? Is there a tampon-like attachment in the middle? Do you completely shave and then glue it on? To think of how terrifying it is to know that just two pieces of string stand between your string bikini and the world, but this thing? Thanks for the good laugh!

  9. That’s just wrong on so many levels! But funny! LOL

    It’s innovative, you gotta give em’ that!

  10. I can honestly say, I’ve never wondered if anyone was commando. My feelings on seeing panty lines is at least they know I’m wearing them, and honestly, I don’t know of any of my pants/shorts/dresses/skirts that are so tight you can see them. Must be for a younger generation. I choose security, and agree with Luella above – I pull my underwear OUT of there, why would I put it there on purpose?! lol

  11. One of the testimonials said they rode on a motorcycle with it…yeah I’m pretty sure the wind would catch that puppy and smack someone in the face! Burn those things now! LOL!

  12. I just burst out laughing in front of my entire family. Now I know what to wear for my next romantic getaway and I thought I was going to be stuck searching for a pearl thong! So funny.

  13. Christine says:

    I suppose you could save yourself the $24 and buy a box of extra long maxi pads to do the same thing?

  14. No, no. no, just NO.

  15. I have NEVER understood thongs. Especially the hygiene.

  16. Um . . . Yeah. I don’t even like under wires in my bras.

  17. The testimonials are hilarious.

    Mostly, I want to know where you put it when you go to the public restroom?

    And, sexy? Imagine pulling that thing off in the heat of passion…


  18. Sometimes it’s really good to be so old that some other things just aren’t possible. This is one of those times.

  19. That is so fabulous! I’m looking forward to when I see someone at the pool wearing one of those beauts under their swimsuit. Are you kidding me? Who wears underwear under their swimsuit? Unless, you are trying it on at the store. Thanks for sharing this!!

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