There’s a frog loose in our house right now…


My view this morning. No frog. And yes, those turtles are fake.

Yep, you read that title correctly. We currently have a frog loose somewhere in our house.

A week ago, my daughter’s preschool teacher asked us to take a polliwog and watch it grow. We would then release it to the wild after it finished eating its tail. (Did you know they did that? Insane.)

Well, we moved it into a big bucket and put a bit of water and rocks on the bottom of the bucket.

We named him Olaf and spent painful minutes every day talking to it and pretending that the little almost-frog could hear us. If he actually could hear us, I’m betting he was thinking, “Get your heads out of my bucket and get me some damn flies.”

So last night, we all said goodnight to Olaf and went to bed naively believing he would be eagerly waiting for us in the morning.

But, when we went to go tell Olaf all our dreams from the night, he was gone.



Seems that he decided to jump ship – I mean jump bucket – and explore the big old house world.

The problem is – there’s no pond or flies in our house and he’s the size of a quarter.

So you can see my predicament.

We now have a newly-formed frog roaming our house and can’t find him. We’ve looked behind furniture, under the refrigerator, in the basement, and even on window sills. Why window sills? Because my daughter told me that’s where the frog from Princess & The Frog liked to hang out.

But no luck. No Olaf.

I’m hoping wherever that little crapper is, he’s living the dream. I just have to remember to check the toilet bowl before going to the bathroom now – that would be a hell of a way for the frog to meet his death.




  1. Sorry Dani!! Hope you don’t have an amphibian fear! A friend of mine had a hamster that kept escaping his cage, and one day, he was gone for good. They could actually hear him in the walls but could never get to him. He either died or found a nice harem of female mice to get busy with.

  2. Were the conversations that bad that he had to run away in the middle of the night? How rude.

  3. Could be worse: a snake.

  4. Ok, I’m paranoid for you. Check your sheets before hopping into bed!

  5. My younger siblings had that. Somehow the frog got out and was never found. We even looked down the vents! No skeletons……

  6. Well, if its any encouragement, I had a frog who lived for 15 years. So, they are “heartier” than you think. Good luck… let us know if you find poor Olaf!!

  7. Gabriella says:

    Just get a snake and it’ll find Olaf for you. You could name the snake Sven :)

  8. Wait. They eat their own tails?!?! I really don’t think Anna and Elsa would approve.

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