The Sassy Housewife: My Baby Won’t Sleep!

The Sassy Housewife - compressedThis week’s The Sassy Housewife for Momaha is out and it’s one that so many parents can relate to – sleep training.  The two words a parent dreads to hear but know they have to do. Come read about a mother who is struggling with how to get her 8 month old back to sleep in the middle of the night. And yes, my answer does include alcohol…

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  1. Marguerite Zangrillo says:

    This won’t work on a 8 month old, but when my children were abour 4 yrs old I used to tell them to “rest a little bit.” No, not “nap” and not “sleep”, but “rest.” It worked many times.

    • Martinis and Minivans says:

      Oh yes, we love “quiet time” in our house. It’s mommy’s time to not have noise. Their noise. :)

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