The New Scary Fashion Trend

So I’m just going to say this and get it out fast because just saying it makes me crack up laughing.  Ok, here I go… I shopped at Forever 21 this weekend.  And here’s the kicker – I bought things.  I bought four different things.  I should point out that I’m 38 years old and FAR, FAR, FAR from ever being 21.  I am so far from being 21 again, I was pretty sure they were going to card me and ask me to please find my teenage daughter because I couldn’t possibly be shopping in there for myself.

However, I was.  What’s insane is that I actually found a few cute tops that fit boobs that are bigger than pimples.  BUT, that’s not the really entertaining part of this story.  The entertaining, scary and some-what disturbing part is that I have fashion news to share with all you women.  I saw something that I thought I would never see again. I thought the days of this trend were long gone, but it seems to have returned with a vengeance.  It’s the….

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Hold back your cries.  Try to contain yourself.  You are under no obligation to run out and buy them. This isn’t like UGG’s or skinny jeans, this phase will pass and we will return to a world where we don’t have snaps in our private parts areas.

Don’t get me wrong, I have fond memories of rocking a body suit and baggy jeans in college.  However, that was 1992 people.  Let’s progress in fashion, please!  If this continues, I fear that we’ll be pegging our jeans and sticking them into our socks soon…

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  1. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Bodysuits?! FOR REAL?! Who wants a permanent vag-wedge all day?!

    P.S. “Boobs that are bigger than pimples?” Genius :)

  2. On man, bodysuits were not fun. I would rather bring back Skidz pants. P.s. I have been know to occasionally shop in that store as well…:)

  3. That’s just wrong. Best part is, kids are going to be like, “Oh my gosh, isn’t this so cool?? Why didn’t they think of this before??” Facepalm.

  4. Oh no! I hope that the Merry Go Round (did you have that store in your mall?) doesn’t reopen and I have to start buying IOU sweatshirts again…

  5. Oh how I remember those! Kept our shirts nice and tucked in flat… inside jeans so high they practically reached the bra line.

  6. I had completely forgotten that I owned one of these 20 years ago until JUST NOW. I’m terrified!!

  7. Are you kidding me? I remember wearing those in high school. Let’s call them what they are: adult onesies!

  8. I so rocked the bodysuit in the 90’s. I had at least five of them. I love watching old episodes of Friends – Monica and Rachel wore them all the time! But let’s keep this trend in our memories and our reruns, shall we?

  9. The 80’s are in full swing..again! I’m not sure if you have a little girls store called Justice where you live, but I swear to God this store literally looks like the 80’s threw up in it. It’s lace, glitter, and neon galore. LOL

    I don’t know why it’s taken me 33 years to realize this, but when you described the bodysuit as having snaps in our private parts, it occurred to me that it’s a onsie for adults. LOL Nothing says sexy like a onsie.

    • Isn’t it amazing that no one has actually branded it as an adult onesie??? And yep, we have Justice here. I fear my daughter finding out about that store in a few years…

      • LOL I can see it now… “Adult Onsies – for women who want to feel like an infant again!”

        My daughter just started fitting into their clothes this year. You should have seen the look on her face when we walked into that store. I think she thought it was heaven. LOL

  10. I liked wearing mine under a flannel shirt. I was edgy like that…

  11. All I keep thinking is ‘no way!’ Seriously. I am in shock. Bodysuits were a trend that should never be brought back! But… I bet that’s what my mom would’ve said about bell bottoms.

  12. NOOOOO!!!! This cannot be happening lol

  13. I am SO SO glad I’m not the only one who has picked on strange and unflattering fashion trends!!!! Thank you!

  14. Oh No! Not body suits! What other fashion trends will make their way back?

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