Teachers – Would I be able to be as courageous as them?

I don’t know about you, but a tragedy takes on a whole new meaning when it involves children. I’m not sure I felt it to the magnitude I do now that I’m a mother.  I was a teacher many moons ago and I often wonder if I would have had the courage that the teachers in Oklahoma City and other schools that have faced disaster have shown.  These teachers are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, friends – they all had loved ones that count on them and look to them for support in their lives.  Yet, they put their students’ lives before their own. That is truly amazing to me.

I hope that there never comes a day where I have to be put to the test like that. There is no one to blame for acts like this tornado, but there is everyone to praise for the heroes that come out to help.

If you are looking to help, consider making a donation to the Red Cross. They are delivering hot meals throughout the affected areas. The Red Cross is also working to link loved ones in Moore who are OK through a website called Safe and Well. Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief, donate online, or donate by phone at 1-800-RED CROSS.

Just think about your favorite teacher today and I’m guessing she or he would have done the same thing for you as those amazing teachers and workers did in Moore. I simply want to say thank you.



  1. Ooh, this hits close to home because I, too, was a teacher over 17 years ago….and I’m with you. I can’t really imagine how I’d react. And I don’t like that about myself so much. I’m hoping that instinct would kick in and I’d be a hero, but honestly I don’t know.

    You know I love ya…but today your button on the Honest Blogs Pinterest board and your post on facebook lured me instead of the martinis. Surprise. 😉

  2. I remember being in my classroom on 9-11. I taught special needs preschoolers who had no concept of what was happening (Thank Goodness!), but I did have this eerie sense of protectiveness over them amidst the uncertainty of that day. I did not have my own children then, but now that I do, I also hope I would act as courageously a the teacher in Newtown & Moore. God bless them and the children they protect!

  3. Another former teacher here and we did the full out drills with the kids several times per year. I remember there being so much adrenaline as I thought about “what if this were the real thing?” It’s difficult to imagine unless you are truly faced with the situation. I say bravo to all teachers who risk their lives protecting children…..from Moore to Newtown…..we can’t thank them enough.

  4. Thank you for this tribute as well as the reminder of how valuable teachers are, in so many ways. Prayers going up.

  5. I used to teach as well. I know the feeling of wondering what I would do in a certain situation, and I hope I’d choose the right option.

  6. I often wonder if I would have the courage that the heroes I read about do. I hope and pray that I would. Great post bringing attention to those who truly deserve it!

  7. HearHear! As a retired educator I can answer that question: Yes they would.

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