Pink eye, ear infections and a speeding ticket – my dream weekend…

After battling vomit-fest last week – with both my kiddos puking in two days – I felt excited about a weekend of fun, merriment and good family time.  It started out awesome – I was celebrating making it to the next round of Blogger Idol (YAHOO! Thanks for voting everyone!!) and was having a girls night with Indian food and a henna artist at my house.  Awesome.  We laughed, we drank wine, we were temporarily tattooed.  All was good in the world.

Then came Saturday.

My daughter started having yellow goop in her eye, complaining of her ear hurting, and sleeping for WAY too long (that part wasn’t too bad to endure…)  So when Sunday rolled around and the same thing happened again, we went off to urgent care to find out the deal.

However, that trip was sidelined by me getting a speeding ticket.  I was going 50 in a 35 going down a hill.  The problem wasn’t my ticket – the problem was telling the hubby because I might…uhm…have a case of…bad lead foot disorder.  Let’s just say, this wasn’t my first trip to the “speeding ticket rodeo”…  The phone conversation was exactly what I feared – long, drawn out silence and then minutes, that felt like hours, full of sarcastic comments.

Once at the doctor’s office, it was confirmed that she has pink eye as well as an ear infection and we were ordered to steer clear of other kiddos for 24 hours.  Heaven help me.  That means that I’m going to be in the house with my two children all day today without any human interaction.

Friends, if you see that I haven’t posted for a few days after this post, send the medics – I’ll be the one covered in Disney princesses, videos of Barney and bottles of amoxicillin.



  1. Oh, I feel your pain. We had the “ear infection epoch” about a year ago when both boys had multiple infections. We were stuck inside so often during that time–there’s only so much TV they can watch before they go batsh*t crazy. Of course, I beat them there by at least a few days. Good luck!

  2. Good luck!! I don’t know which is worse: the pink eye or the cabin fever!

  3. I found you via the Bloggy Moms Blog Hop. Congrats on making the next round of Blogger Idol, hope your little lady is feeling better soon

  4. I’m right there with you. Feel like my blog has been neglected in the wake of our moving….we moved to a new house three weeks ago and have since battled a flu, sinus infection, sore throat and as of Monday, an ear infection. FUN TIMES! So I am living in chaos, surrounded by chaos, with no time or energy to fix any of it…

    Oh and I hear you about lead-foot syndrome. I used to suffer from that and had more than one phone conversation with my husband that sounded just like how you described. I am on the path to recovery. *knock on wood*

  5. Poor kiddo’s, but really poor mamma :(
    As if a vomit-feast isn’t enough right? I’ve been puked on at least once a day for 18 consecutive days, I’m pretty sure my kids are going for world record or something.
    Good luck!

  6. Following you from the MTM Friday Mixer and just have to tell you I have been there with both ear infections and pink eye. No fun at all. Hope your kid is feeling better and that you have a bit more sanity back (believe me I know that feeling all too well!). You can check me out if you have time at Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  7. Popping over from the More Than Mommies Mixer. I’m so sorry! Sharing my mantra: “It’s not November unless someone is puking.” Not that it helps. But it’s kind of funny? xoxoxo

  8. Hope your little one is feeling better and you survived your being stuck in with the little ones. I’m going to check to check out blogger idol know. I’ve never heard of it.

    • Thanks! Blogger Idol is a writing competition between bloggers. It’s fierce and insane. We took a week off this week because of the holidays and we’ll be back in swing this coming week. Stay tuned and hope you’ll vote for us! Thanks for reading!

  9. Ugh!! Sounds like a “dream weekend” indeed. Hope the pink eye cleared and this last one was a bit smoother…ugh, ugh, ugh! Thanks for linking up with the #MTMmixer :)

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