The picture I promised you…

About a month ago, I was having a few glasses of wine with some girlfriends and said yes to one of their insane suggestions. I had showed them this picture I found on Pinterest and we joked about our days of wearing a banana clip and crimping our hair. After pouring another glass, one of them said, “Hey, you should recreate that picture when you hit 5,000 followers on Facebook!” And since I’m a lush and obviously in need of a higher alcohol tolerance level, I said yes.

As a reminder, this was the picture we saw.

banana clips

Readers, fellow bloggers and writers, and even old friends from high school, helped me to quickly get to 5,000. I was thrilled and terrified all at the same time.

And last night, the night of the banana clip photo shoot arrived.

One friend offered to do my makeup and another took the photo. Throughout it all, I wondered, “What the hell did I get myself into? Why couldn’t I just have been happy with 4,000 Facebook followers???”

And so, since you have been with me through this journey, I thought I would first share some pics of the process so you can feel like you were laughing right alongside of us. Or at me. I think everyone was actually laughing at me.

starting to crimp

My face after the first crimp. It became very obvious to me in that instant that I had gotten myself into something that would end with me looking very unattractive.

fighting the banana clip

The pain. The pain of the hair ripping into the banana clip. Also the pain of losing your dignity and ability to feel remotely young.


The most makeup I think I have ever worn in my life. Also, the moment I realized I open my mouth when eye makeup is being applied. Weird.


Getting ready to pose and not being able to keep a straight face. I have no idea how models do it. And by “it”, I mean not eat anything and walk in heels.

And after all that. Are you ready?

Here it is!!

banana clips  Final picture

I did my best, folks. The crimping kept coming out of my hair. And no one can seriously glow to the level the model was glowing. Plus, I’m about to be 40 and she’s probably not old enough to see an “R-rated” movie. And yep, I added earrings. The awesome reader, Mercy Fritz, who mailed me her old Vidal Sassoon crimper, sent them along with it so I couldn’t resist!

So I did it. I recreated that damn photo. And I laughed with friends the entire time and appreciated all the people who helped get me there.

And in the end, after the photo session was over, here’s what I did.

after it is all done

I broke that damn banana clip in half and said thank god the 80’s are dead.

And here’s a few out-takes for you…

out-takes 3 out-takes out-takes2


Seriously though, thank you all for the support. You guys rock so much more than any hair device ever could.



  1. I’ve never wanted you more. Could you lie on the hood of my white Camaro??

  2. LOVE it! You totally rocked the look :)

  3. Could you be any cuter?!!!

  4. michelle says:

    you look fab! i think we all open our mouth’s a little when we apply mascara. :)

  5. That picture is, like, totally awesome. Like, I think it’s, like, the raddest thing I’ve seen, like all day! Party on!!

  6. Awesome! What will you do for 10K followers? Start planning now…

  7. You rocked that banana clip! Party on dudette and check that one off your bucket list! (Yes, I know it was on there).

  8. Feeling inspired … maybe I’ll rock the crimped look today. Hmmmm.

    Well done!

  9. I *might* be crying right now. ahahaha! You’re awesome.


  11. I lovvvvved my banana clip. With my natural curls, it was the only look I could pull off better than all the straight haired, feather-wing girls could. Bring it back, I say!!! Fabulous job BTW 😉

  12. Bonnie Holt says:

    That is great I was born in 80 so I didn’t get to dress up lol. My sister did I should have sent you one of her pics super big hair lol. Awesome job love your site

  13. Congrats!

  14. I love crimped hair. Just love it.

  15. SPECTACULAR!! Next up: do the rainbow scrunchies. Please, please, PLEASE?!

  16. Well worth the wait! Oh I used to rock the banana clip!!!

  17. You are hilarious, and you rocked the banana clip! I never liked those damn things.

  18. You Rock the Casbah!

  19. I LOVE this. So ridiculous, but perfect.

  20. Most excellent! There was a girl in my third grade class who had her hair crimped every day. Every. Single. Day. Back then I thought she was the goddess of hair. Maybe that’s her teenage daughter in the original picture!

    I too am so glad the 80’s are over! Thanks for the chuckles.

  21. Awesome did you play Bangles songs the whole time you did it?

  22. that is hysterical!! you could be her twin, of course! love the photos, love your spirit! and RIP 1980’s. i am still having a coronary that everything in the stores looks like Lori Singer could wear it and we’d be back to Footloose. :)

  23. Rad! I love it.

  24. Congratulations on the 5000 likes, loved the photos. Now I’m wondering what you are going to do when you reach 6000l likes?

  25. Haha. You are freaking awesome and such a good sport for following through on this. Damn. Now I *almost* want to be a copycat and do something similar. No way could I top what you’ve done though. This is awesome!

  26. SOOOOOO FUN!!!!!! Ya know, I never really thought that picture was awful or hideous or zany in any way. I think you should have gone for something much MUCH worse!!! Maybe set your next FB goal and GO FOR IT! :)

  27. Okay this is cracking me up on so many levels! And also making me wonder where you even found the banana clip. But here is the thing…my blog will be getting a total makeover from a designer. It goes live on Monday. And, guess what? It’s 80s themed! hahaha! It’s going to be my own banana clip. :)

  28. I LOVE the pic. You are obviously a natural with the banana clip. I used to rock those back in elementary pretty often… Along with my body suit. Congrats on reaching your FB follower goal!! That’s awesome!

  29. I wasn’t aware they even sold those abominations anymore! Thanks for the laugh and for keeping to your word on doing this.

  30. No one ever said blogging wasn’t painful!! What fun photos and congratulations on the 5000 followers! ps- you look totally bitchin’!!

  31. Yay! A dream realized. All you need is a giant white belt and a mat so you can break-dance. My butterfly clips salute you.

  32. Too funny!! Great job with copying the photo, and it looks like fun was had!

  33. I didn’t even know you could still buy banana clips. i will admit I did love them, although I never, ever crimped my hair.
    Visiting from SITS
    Barbara @

  34. I’m laughing so hard I can’t think of anything good to say :) Thank you for sharing! Have a great weekend.

  35. Like totally bitchen pics! Lol! Seriously, this was awesome…brave, brave woman!

  36. Maybe I’m a ton younger than you (not) but I never crimped and banana clipped at the same time. In fact, I’m pretty sure they were in different decades for me. Was that a NJ thing?

  37. I loved it! I think you look better than her – and way to rock the photo session too!


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