My Son Is Wearing A Teething Necklace. I’m Officially On My Way To Being A Hippie.

teething necklace - compressed

My Surfer Boy

I’ve become a hippie.  Yes, you read that correctly, I am one step closer to never shaving my armpits again and actually using products that are BPA free.  Ok, ok, let’s not be ridiculous.  The truth is that I have become a bit more hippie-like because I got an amber teething necklace for my son.  After weeks of crying and his fists shoved in his mouth, I was at my wits end.  We have tried it all – teething tablets, chew toys, ibuprofen, etc… and nothing was working.  A dear friend of mine purchased an amber necklace for a son last year and he has had no teething issues.  I, of course, mocked her mercilessly at the time and might have called him a surfer boy, but I digress.  The point is, I never thought I would buy one.

Last week, I walked into the hippie baby store that is filled with items that I have no idea how to use and asked for an amber necklace as my son was bawling his brains out and his fingers shoved in his mouth.  The saleswoman told me that it usually takes 6-8 hours to show signs of improvement.  I skeptically put it on him and snapped this picture of him wearing his necklace.  I then sent it to my hippie friend with a message that read, “This is what eating your words looks like.”  Then I waited.  I kid you not, right at hour seven, the boy removed his hands from his mouth, started smiling and suddenly I had a happy baby.  That was one week ago today and he is still smiling.  I, however, am still walking around with a stunned look on my face and can’t tell the story without shaking my head in disbelief.

Friends, I beg you, if I start chanting to crystals and talking about wearing Birkenstocks, come save me.  I will have gone to the dark side.



  1. Yeah, my kid is totally wearing one of these too. I was nervous about it being around his neck though (he’s only 7 months old), so I have it wrapped twice around his ankle. =)

  2. sounds like the work of chonie!!

  3. I see these as yuppie, not hippie. It’s the latest baby trend of all the uppity moms, at least where I come from. I know they work though, that hyland teething tablets were my best friends for years.

  4. That is awesome! I always wondered if those things worked….

  5. How’d you know Michelle?!?! Hopfully I don’t follow suit and eat my words by buying a minivan! I am glad that it is working for the little man.

  6. Yep. They work. We can’t find ours right now and I’m ready to pull my hair out- or just, you know, buy another one. I’m pretty hippie already (still shave though), and it still took me until kid 3 to try the necklaces. I’m glad it works for your little man too.

  7. Oh wow- that actually works??? I would have tried anything during those teething days.

  8. Okay, now you officially have me sold. I heard about this, and blew it off, not wanting to fall into that “hippie” category, BUT…I can’t take my daughter’s screaming any more–sign me up!

  9. I want to get one of those for my three year old daughter with an oral fixation who is slowly eating her fingers. She just needs something to chew on constantly. First I have to get dreads, invest in some patchouli oil and stop bathing. Then we’ll be good. :)

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