My daughter already has a “type”…

So the conversation between my 4 year-old daughter and her friend playing at our house last night went like this:

Daughter: I’m going to marry Ken (as in Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken) because I only like boys with yellow hair.

Friend: Ok, I’m going to marry Eric (as in Ariel’s boytoy, Prince Eric), because he has black hair and that’s like my Daddy.

Daughter: Why don’t you marry your daddy?

Friend:  He has a girlfriend (her mother/his wife) already.  I want to marry someone who doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Daughter:  Me too.  But I don’t want to be a mommy because you vomit when a baby is in your belly.

So it seems that my daughter already has the type of guy she wants all figured out, as well as a birth control plan.  Good to know. It took me until my 30’s to figure all that out…



  1. Between your son motor boating waitresses and your daughter being more mature than me, I need to be a fly on the wall at your house!!!!!!!!

  2. Very cute…I’d reprint some of the conversations in my house on my blog, but with 2 teenage boys, most of what they say is R-rated…still funny stuff, but not nearly as sweet. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  3. Oh I loved this and two little girls, I was picturing them having this type of a conversation. And I am with you, they are catching on quicker and quicker nowadays. I, too, didn’t have a clue about this until I was much older!!

  4. Aw, that’s too cute. Better get her a planner so she can start working out the details of her fairy tale wedding. :)

    I’m so glad I had boys. 😀

  5. How cute is that? My daughter is approaching age 4 and she’s rather precocious, so I can only imagine how things will go with her. Actually, I don’t want to imagine how things will go with her.

  6. Crack me up! She sounds so cute!

  7. Ugh, so cute!! Yes, it is never okay to marry a man who has a girlfriend.

  8. You crack me up! My daughters just want to marry ‘someone like daddy’
    Come over and say hi to the dogs who blog

  9. Well, she’s ahead of most of us in this area! Too cute!

  10. Well This was classic! Great post. By the way, I wanted to let you know that someone loves your blog (actually three people :) You are a celebrated blogger!

  11. Hahaha! Good for her! She’s got it all figured out!

  12. haha…children these days sure are mature and outspoken.

    your girl is smart :)

  13. These sound like conversations my 8 year old would be having. To funny. Good thing you are writing these things down!

  14. Too Cute! Your daughter must be a spunky little thing. I love it when they offer their reasoning. It makes you realize that even at that age they can have a good point. :-)

    PS- You have a new follower! I found you on the TGIF blog hop. Take a look at my site if you have a minute at

  15. “But I don’t want to be a mommy because you vomit when a baby is in your belly”…
    See, now when she says it, everyone thinks it’s cute and also very logical. When I say it, everyone thinks I’m crazy.

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