My breasts have fallen and they can’t get up.

Something changed this year with my four year-old daughter. She found a love of cuddling. Up until this age, she really wasn’t very into it.  She would sit for a few minutes and then start squirming.  However, when she turned four, she started to snuggle in for the long haul.  Now, she actually asks for it and there is no better feeling.

However, this new love of cuddling has been a double-edged sword for me.  Recently, while cuddling, she turned up her beautiful face and said, “Mommy, your boobies are like pillows when you are sitting up, but when we lie down, they are hard to find.”

Ah yes, my girl, if you only knew that I’ve been looking for them for years… That I wake up each morning begging them to come with me when I stand up.  That I long for them to stay at attention when I lie down, and how I dream that someday they’ll return to me and say, “Sorry for what we’ve done. We’ve rested now and are ready to get back to work.”

In the meantime, I’ll just appreciate the cuddle time and maybe consider training my body to sleep sitting up.




  1. Ha. Mine disappeared and never came back after child.

  2. OMG….my Hubs calls mine Arm Pit Tits. Lovely huh? And he even puts both thumbs up, out to the sides, like a middle aged Fonzie. Oy vey!!

  3. The 6 yr. old asked me why my boobs looked drippy. Yep…she said Drippy!!! I let this child suck on me for close to 2 yrs. and she sucked the life out of my boobs, and she has the nerve to call them drippy. This happened right after the 12 yr. old walked out and said to me” mom…check out my boob guns!”…Thanks kids….I’m hearing Ben and Jerry’s with a side of Jack D calling my name. They won’t say anything about my drippy boob sacks! They always understand…

  4. Oh, kids. They are far too honest!

  5. Very funny and, sadly, all too true. It brings back memories of Sixth Grade, when some girls were starting to wear “training bras”, although I could never understand what they were training for! And the boys, beginning to become aware that girls were built differently, and being snide about it, referred to bras as “Over the shoulder boulder holders!”

  6. So funny- so sad- so funny. Mine look like two empty wallets. Eeee Gads!

  7. Plus side of small boobs – they don’t really sag much after kids. Minus side – they are always hard to find, regardless of whether I’m sitting up or lying down! Kids are great ego boosters, aren’t they?

  8. Yea, kids say the darnest things alright lol! They always wonder why you do not have what they have or vice vera. I have a bridge in my mouth and my grandson is always trying to pull something out of his mouth when I try to clean

  9. *sigh* tell me about it! Mine do the same!! :(

  10. I’ve never had kids and mine do this! When I go to the tanning bed, I get white marks under my armpits from my boobs fall back.

    Crap. Why did I admit that in a public space?

    Nevermind. My boobs don’t do that. They’re TOTALLY perky. :-)

    P.S. I’ve heard in the summer you should put deodorant under them. I mean, I don’t know, cuz mine are perky and all. I’m just saying that’s the word on the street….

  11. I laughed and laughed reading your daughter’s comment. How adorable. Isn’t it great, these little moments in life can bring so much joy. As far as the boob thing goes…I’m drinking soy milk! LOL Help a little bit.

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    Hope to see you.
    Sinea from Ducks ‘n a Row

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