Minivan shopping – a strategic game of will

use car salesman - compressedSo the time has finally arrived. We are going minivan shopping. Let’s all take a moment of silence in honor of this momentous occasion.

Ok. Now that we have all thanked the Gods of Minivans for this moment, let the games begin. And it truly is a game. There will be two teams (us and them) and each will desperately try to outwit the other. Numbers will be thrown out, names might be called, and in the end, there might be someone chasing us back into the dealership for our business.

Each hopes to win but only one can truly be victorious.

I have waited for this moment for almost five years. As a person who took great pride in mocking those with minivans, imagine my surprise when after my first child was born I actually started to fantasize about them. You can have your fantasies about Brad Pitt and George Clooney, I’m going to keep mine about power remote doors and third row removable seats. You’re getting a little hot with this talk, aren’t you?? Yeah, I know. It’s better than any porn out there.

So now the day has arrived. On Saturday the games will begin. Wish me luck. And if you are looking for me on Sunday, I’ll be the one pronouncing my undying love and affection to my car. Don’t judge.

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  1. We went looking ( the Town and Country is the winner for us) but we were losing in the negotiation dept, so we walked a way…We’ll be back and hopefully on better footing next week. Look forward to your car negotiation tips .

  2. While I cannot get on board with your minivan obsession, I totally dig the hilarious photo!!!

  3. You need some swagger wagon humor. check it out on YouTube.
    I, personally, detest them, but see the MANY benefits it holds over my F150 Crew Cab. What can I say, I’m a little too redneck for a plush van with power sliding doors. But YOU GO GIRL! Good luck!!! :)

  4. michelle says:

    when i was a kid i coveted the dodge minivans with wood panelling!!

  5. Why not go all out? Sell your soul to the glory that is the Chevy Conversion Van! My best friend’s parents had one when we were *ahem* ::younger:: and it was the sweetest ride EVER! Velour upholstery, captain’s chairs in the front, two swivel captain’s chairs in the middle, love seat that converted into a bed, fridge, cabinets, poker table, and an awesome sound system. Just make sure you have lots of windows…otherwise you look like a rapist van.

    Google image search for “chevy conversion van” and you will witness the magic.

  6. My next car will TOTALLY be a minivan! Jealous! Have fun shopping! :)

  7. There is a reason that minivans are everywhere. They are a fabulously wonderful solution to the challenges of carpools and separating your children into different rows. March boldly into your new minivan life! Embrace it!!

  8. I love minivans-we don’t own a car at all, but I LOVE driving my mom’s when we visit her. Get the one with onboard vacuum-hubs covered it at this year’s auto show-AMAZING.

  9. Oh, you are going to become one of them!!!!

  10. Awesome! You will LOOOOOOOOOVE it!

  11. We are on our second Honda Odyssey and I love it!! Can’t imagine life without it!!

  12. Good luck!

    We are thinking mini van for our next vehicle, too.

  13. I am ALSO the proud owner of a Honda Odyssey and both my husband and I LOVE it! My in laws also drive one, and so does the mother of my sis-n-law. We all love, love them! Good luck!

  14. I, like you, relentless mocked the minivan crowd…until I got one. And then three. I no longer own one, but I still miss the space, the doors that open with the click of a button, the dvr player, the table in the middle for the crowd to do their homework on during carpools and did I mention the space? Good luck~ I’m kind of jealous (shhh).

  15. I’ve had my Odyssey for 9 years. And while we talk about getting a new ride, its still running strong. The hubby looks at SUVs, but I don’t think I can give up the space and convenience.

  16. Ha! Good luck with the minivan shopping :)

  17. That is something I CANNOT stand- car shopping. Godspeed to you!

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