Manic Mondays Begin! Our First Guest: Hairpin Turns Ahead

hairpin turns ahead logoI truly believe the key to blogging is to be part of a community. Last year I took that idea and created Inside the Blogger’s Studio which featured humorous interview sessions with different bloggers each month. I loved doing the series because it was such a great opportunity to get to know fellow bloggers in a whole new way. You can check those out by typing “Inside The Blogger’s Studio” in the search for posts bar over there on the right side of the blog.

Now, it’s a new year and time to try something new.

With that in mind, I created “Manic Mondays” – it’s a simple concept. Bloggers share their funniest parenting stories. We’re not looking for serious, warm your heart kind of moments. We are talking moments that will make us snort liquid out of our nose from laughing so hard.

So it was perfect when Liesl Testwuide, from Hairpin Turns Ahead, submitted her story. After reading it, you’ll want to follow her on Facebook and Twitter – she’s that funny. Her post will definitely make me reconsider sending my son to sleep-away camp…

LETTERS FROM CAMP – by Liesl Testwuide

Like kids all over America this summer, my youngest son is spending a week away at camp. It’s the first time he has been away without his brothers. It’s been terribly quiet around here. I’ve been thinking about him constantly and crossed my fingers that he’d send me at least one letter. I missed him so much, I began to imagine what he might write to me. I fantasized that I might receive something like this:

Dear Mom,

Thank you so much for letting me go to camp. I have learned so many cool things, like how to take a fish off the hook, tie sailing knots, and even how to groom a horse. Thanks for packing the sun screen. I’ve been out on the lake a lot, so it has really come in handy. You sure think of everything! Since it’s been so hot, I’ve been drinking tons of water! See? I really listen to all your good advice.

The other boys here are really smart and nice. I’m making some lifelong friends I will cherish forever. We’ve had fun learning camp songs, playing cards, and catching frogs in our free time. During quiet time, I read the book you sent along. What a great selection! And just because you’re my mom, I made a special gift for you in arts and crafts!

I’m trying a lot of new foods, just like you suggested. You were right, the oatmeal at breakfast really isn’t bad when I add raisins. And don’t worry, Mom, I’ve been using all the manners you’ve taught me over the years.

We are camping under the stars tonight. I am hoping to see some fireflies.

I love you,



P.S. Tell my brothers I miss them!

Yesterday I received a letter from him! It’s just slightly different from what I imagined:

hairpin page 1

hairpin page 2

hairpin page 3




  1. OMG this letter is HILARIOUS!!!!!

  2. Hysterical!!! Thanks for the laugh… :) :)

  3. Hahah, at least he wrote. And what a way to start a letter – with diarrhea. Could be all the push-pops. :)

  4. That’s awesome that he wrote about exactly what you thought he’d write about…just not in the same way!! This is the greatest letter from camp EVER!!

  5. I think I would have jumped in the car immediately…

  6. That is classic! I love the letter!

  7. I love the comparison of the two ‘types’ of letters!!!!

  8. Wow! Classic indeed. Love the – “shot a rifle can we get one” line!

  9. Oh my God that’s hilarious!!! So how many push pops did he eat?? Did he break the record? Is that how he got the diyareya? And did his brothers save up all the farts for Saturday?

  10. oh my God, the contrast between Liesl’s letter and her son’s letter is HILARIOUS!! And you can tell he had a BLAST at camp! I just love that the steam coming off the horse dung was deemed “awesome!” So funny!

  11. Oh my gosh, absolutely hilarious! The toothbrush part reminds me of yesterday at the Super Bowl party we attended, there were 3 toddlers and someone discovered them all in the bathroom using the hosts tooth brushes to brush their teeth and they were quite proud of themselves!


  13. That was hilariously cute! When my oldest son went to sleepaway camp for the first time, we picked him up and the first thing he says when he gets in the car is, “well, I now know all about sex.” My husband turns to me with a huge frown and says, “great job…money well spent.” I justified it by saying that at least now we didn’t have to have the “talk” with him.

  14. funny and priceless!

  15. Lol! I laughed out loud as I read this the first time my 10 year asked what the heck I was doing. As I reread this out loud to my spouse & son who will go to a week long camp this , I was crying it was sooooo funny! Boys! There is nothing like em !

  16. This is classic! I would frame that in a New York second!

  17. This was so fun. What a great way to start my work day … with such a good laugh. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Hilarious! Love your sense of humor! Dropping in from Bloggy Moms February Blog Hop. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  19. OMG! I died laughing reading this! Using the other kid’s toothbrush! Lighting farts on fire! Digging for worms with a toothbrush! Diarrhea! I can’t wait to send my kid to camp. This is priceless. Save .. and read at his wedding! Gawd, I adore Liesl Testwuide!

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