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Make Your Own Damn Dinner LogoWoo hoo! It’s Manic Monday – which means another installment of a hilarious parenting story by a fellow bloggers. Today’s guest is Marie from Make Your Own Damn Dinner – probably one of my favorite blog names of all time. 

After reading it, you’ll want to follow her on Facebook and Twitter because she shows the funny side of parenting in a way everyone can relate to. Really good stuff. Here she tells us what her son REALLY thinks of her…

The First Grade Project That Bruised Mom’s Ego

I love it when my kids bring home writing projects from school. It’s one of my favorite things! I love reading all the cute things they’ve written about me worked on…adorable spelling mistakes and all. Today Jack brought home a collection of ‘books’ he had written. It was titled, “Thoughts From One Fabulous First Grader.” It should have been titled, “Thoughts From One Fabulous First Grader That Made Mom Feel Like Someone Put a Knife Through Her Heart.” Let’s examine, shall we?

Each ‘book’ he wrote had a title, copyright date, and dedication.

Here is Jack’s touching dedication from story number one:

book dedication 1

Story number two’s dedication made me laugh:

book dedication 2

(This book is dedicated to my brother Ben, who doesn’t know how many kids are in my class.)

I can’t wait to see what story he’s dedicated to his dear mother.

Oh look. Story number three…it’s written not for, but ABOUT his sister Anna. How very sweet.

book dedication 3

That only leaves one member of our family…story number four must be dedicated to…

book dedication 4

Of course. Our cats, Nellie and Hazel.

The lucky recipients of story number five were:

book dedication 5

(Two very important people in Jack’s life…deserving of a dedication)

Okay, by process of elimination I figure MY dedication must be next. Let’s take a look at story number six:

book dedication 6


I’m starting to lose hope here. There are only two more dedications left. The next shout out goes to……

book dedication 7

How am I supposed to compete with NBA players?!?

Okay, CLEARLY he’s saving his final dedication for the most important woman in his life. The woman who has been there for him through thick and thin. The woman who is overflowing with love for him. The woman who would lay down her life for him. The woman who loves him unconditionally and always.

CLEARLY story number eight is dedicated to…

book dedication 8

In case you can’t see it clearly, let me clarify. That WAS my name…before he erased it and wrote the name of his ‘friend who’s a girl,’ Shelby. (I blurred out her last name for privacy). When I asked him about it he said, “What? She made me write  her name.”

And so it begins. Being bossed around by a woman and doing everything she says. He’s going to make a great husband one day. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go remove this knife from my heart. Don’t worry about me…I’ll be okay.



  1. Cracking up!! I feel the pain. I really do, and I’m so glad she shared it with us! This is fantastic!!

    (And I agree–great name for a blog!)

  2. Great laugh for my day, thank you!

  3. Thanks for making me laugh today! I loved this!

  4. hahaha SO funny! As a mom who often finds things in her son’s school planner like, “worst day ever!” and “crap it!”, I totally relate to this and was grinning huge throughout.

  5. lol funny stuff heading over to follow

  6. Cindy Avelallemant says:

    Being a mom is a thankless job. So funny!

  7. Don’t feel bad, my daughter is 11 and NONE of her books have EVER been dedicated to me. Just like you, the cats get a dedication before I do. You’re not alone!

  8. So funny! Love this. I’m pretty sure my cat comes before me in my house too!

  9. Too cute!! My first grader came home with a story about a snowMAN named Lisa (my name) who stayed out in the sun too long and melted into a puddle. Not quite sure how to take that one, either! :-)

  10. This is awesome! Something to look forward to once my kids start school 😛

  11. Aw, I feel this! I have never, EVER been included in those Thankful lists they have kids do in school around Thanksgiving. Ever. She’s in 2nd grade. Talk about heartache… *sigh*

  12. Every essay my daughter ever wrote about someone she admires was about Sarah, our babysitter. I’ll take that knife, when you’re done with it!

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