Making Mom Friends…

The Sassy Housewife - compressedFor this week’s The Sassy Housewife, I was emailed by a mom who was struggling to meet some mom friends at her child’s preschool.  She was feeling like it was middle school all over again and she didn’t know how to break into the “cool group” – I broke the news to her, we all are trying to be cool.  None of us actually are. We are just ladies looking to drop and run so we can go to the gym or maybe even go grocery shopping by ourselves. Come read my advice and add your own at the end of the post…

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  1. You nailed that one! I am a pretty private person and trying to approach moms who already know one another is a tough thing to do! I kind of didn’t put forth an effort where my kids are currently in school because we are moving but next year I’m going to have to give it a shot! Glad I’m not the only one feeling awkward, though!

  2. We move around a lot and I get so tired of making new friends! I stand around awkwardly for the first couple weeks, smiling and nodding while we wait to pick up the kids. But then I fall back on bringing a book or Kindle to read if nothing materializes. I know I should make more of an effort.

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