Kathie Lee and Hoda – My Goal To Meet Them

kathie lee and hoda - compressedWhen I was a little girl, many many bras ago, my grandmother and I would watch Regis and Katie Lee in the mornings before I left for school.  My grandmother thought Regis was hilarious but couldn’t understand what the heck Kathie Lee was talking about most days. However, I have awesome memories of watching that with my grandma and being excited to see what celebrity they interviewed next.

Now, twenty years later, I find myself being drawn back to the world of Kathie Lee Gifford, but this time she is on the 4th hour of the Today show with Hoda Kotb. I watched for the first time a few weeks ago and I was sucked in.  There is seriously a morning talk show where the hosts drink wine as the talk about entertainment, celebrities, trends and life.  How did I not know about this before???

And yes, I find myself experiencing the same thoughts my grandmother had years ago, “What the heck is Kathie Lee talking about?” but yet, I still watch.  I watch because it’s a show that never takes itself seriously. It is like this blog, just in television form.

With that in mind, I’ve decided I have a goal.  My goal is to share a drink with Kathie Lee and Hoda sometime in the next 6 months on air. Crazy, I know!

Why? Because funny people want other funny people to find them funny. I want them to say I’m funny. I have no book to promote, no product to sell. I just want them to drink wine with them and maybe talk about how I once walked around an entire day, unbeknownst to me, with a large Hello Kitty sticker on my ass and no one told me. Maybe they’ll even say they want to drink wine with me. I’d probably spill all over myself if that actually happened. I’ll have to remember to wear polyester so it doesn’t stain.

Am I insane? Probably.  Will it happen? Probably not.  But damn, I’m about to flood their Twitter, Facebook and such with my plea…. Though, I’m hoping I don’t get a knock on the door because I have a restraining order against me…

Got any ideas on how to make it happen???



  1. My friend and I actually started writing a book a few years ago. Our goal was to make it on the Today Show and sadly, we gave birth to our first babies and both the book and the Today Show dream came to a shocking standstill. With that said, I wish you’d instead try to get on with Kelly Ripa instead. I can’t stand Kathie Lee Gifford. She’s horribly insecure and makes fun of Hoda all the time. I realize it’s her way of creating chemistry, but I just feel sorry for Hoda and mad at Kathie whenever I watch. I wish Hoda would spill wine Kathie’s silk, not polyester, dress. Nonetheless, if you make it on the show, don’t forget the little people that got you there. Or me.

  2. Watch their show every morning and when they feature a story that hits you just right, write your heart out and make it controversial and badass. Then tweet it to them! :)

  3. I don’t know if my last comment went through or not because my computer got hung up. Anyway, I think you should do a video and try to draw their attention that way. You never know… it only takes one funny thing to make it go viral! :)

    • Martinis and Minivans says:

      Good idea. Now to try to come up with a video idea – any suggestions?

      • Hmmmm…. what is one of their favorite subjects to talk about. Make a video similar to that type of subject. But mostly – have fun… make it funny. Make is a short movie if need to be. Or find a friend and do a mock write up of their show! ha ha ha and you can be the guest! LOL

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with Kathie Lee. I, too, was addicted to Regis & Kathie Lee when my 17 year old was an infant, and the “night night” tape she listened to EVERY NIGHT for 12 or 14 years was a Lullaby Tape of Kathie Lee’s (she still listens to one of the songs all the time). I remember when Cody was born…and when Frank cheated on her….and her Christmas specials. She and Hoda crack me up. I think you have to take her with a grain of salt (much like a margarita). I know if I ever actually met her I’d probably cry because I feel like I know her. Good Luck! If you manage a meet and greet, tell her there’s still someone in America listening to that lullaby! :)

    • Martinis and Minivans says:

      I was watching them the other day and realized that I, too, remember when Cody was born. We’re old, aren’t we??

  5. I LOVE this idea! You should be interviewed by them and spread your awesomeness! Of course you follow them across all media, and try to draw attention to yourself w/o looking like a stalker. I like both Julie’s & Stacy’s ideas. My idea- when it happens, invite me along.

  6. I hope you get on the show because I would be so excited to say I know that person via her blog!

    • Martinis and Minivans says:

      Thanks so much!! MUCH appreciated! Please help spread the word – I’m trying to get as many signatures as possible to get their attention. Not sure it will actually work, but damn, I’m going to give it a try. Any help you can give spreading the word is greatly appreciated! :)

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