Interview with my kids

interview-with-kidsThe other day I overheard my daughter telling her friend that her mommy knows Taylor Swift. I interrupted her and said, “No, sweetie, I don’t know Taylor Swift” and she looked confused and said, “I asked you if you knew who sang the song and you said yes.”

So I thought I would conduct an experiment and interview my children to see how much they really know about me. I can now officially state that I’m a stranger to them.

Where is Mommy from?

5 Yr Old Daughter: The place with the really big apple

2 Yr Old Son: Upstairs

Actual Answer: New York


What is Mommy’s job?

5 Yr Old Daughter: To type really fast on the computer

2 Yr Old Son: Make us granola bars (I’ve never made a granola bar in my life)

Actual Answer: Freelance writer


What is Mommy’s favorite food?

5 Yr Old Daughter: Mac and Cheese

2 Yr Old Son: Mac and Cheese

Actual Answer: Anything with wine, except Mac and Cheese.


What drives Mommy crazy?

5 Yr Old Daughter: When we don’t listen

2 Yr Old Son: Daddy

Actual Answer: When they and Daddy don’t listen.


What does Mommy want to be when she grows up?

5 Yr Old Daughter: I think you’re old already.

2 Yr Old Son: Uhm…a digger?

Actual Answer: No longer sleep deprived.


What does Mommy do after you go to bed?

5 Yr Old Daughter: Drink wine

2 Yr Old Son: Drink wine

Actual Answer: Drink Wine




  1. I love this! It has inspired me to interview my 5 an 3-yr-olds!

  2. This is adorable! And I love how most kids think their moms love mac and cheese!

  3. This is amazing. Hysterical! When I could have wine (preggo, 6 more weeks… counting down the days) my 2-year old would point to my wine glass and be like “momma’s.” I guess they know the important stuff. 😉

  4. Deborah Montagna says:

    I have my grandson fill out a questionnaire about his mother (my daughter) every mother’s day. She gets a laugh every year at what he perceives is her job, what she like to do when not with him and what she is good at and not so go at…!!!! He’s 6 now and each year it just get better & better – great laugh for me!

  5. Well Mac and Cheese is the nectar of the Gods to the 7 and under crowd so I can’t blame them!

  6. A digger? Interesting. What might you be mining for? Gold? Do you need an assistant?! PUT ME DOWN!
    This is hysterical. Your 2 old is a genius. Ask this kid more questions, he is the key to the answers of the universe, if he can come with THAT at 2? He needs to be my Life Coach.

  7. LOVE this. TOTALLY sharing on FB.

  8. What a great idea, and how hilarious!

  9. This was great! I was dying laughing as I was reading it aloud to my mom. The stuff kids come up with!

  10. One word- Hilarious!

    You are too funny, yet so down to earth. Thanks for bringing some laughter to my day.

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