Inside the Blogger’s Studio: Life As I See It

life as I know it logoWelcome Life As I See It– we’re happy to have you Inside the Blogger’s Studio! This series is a way to get to know other bloggers, while also getting a glimpse into the life of a fellow parent. Who doesn’t love feeling like they aren’t the only ones going crazy?

Jen is one of the many funny and highly entertaining bloggers with Chicago Now. I immediately love a blogger who takes on Kim Kardashian.

With that said, let the questions begin!

If you had to sum up your blog in two sentences, what would you say?

My blog is about life.  The way I see it.

What thing did you do today as a parent you wish you could take back and do over?

Leftover cake for breakfast~hey, we’re on summer break.

What thing did you do today that you are happiest about?

My two healthy fat feet hit the ground when I woke up this morning and maneuvered me into the shower.  Healthy and clean~I start the day a very rich woman.

What is your least favorite activity to do with your children?

Arranged playdates.  God, those have got to be worse than an arranged marriage.  I always hated having to hang out with “their” friends’ mothers.  Yuck.  I preferred to have them play with my friends’ kids.  I didn’t give a flying fig if they liked the kids or not I was the mommy and to be honest, I liked my friends better.

What is your most favorite activity to do with your children?

Before they became teenagers?  Put them to bed, of course.

When your child drives you absolutely crazy and you want to scream a curse word, which word do you wish you could say?


What’s your favorite lie you have ever told your child?

I tell the younger boy I love the older boy more.  I reason that I have known the older kid longer, thus the extra four years of love.

At what moment did you realize that you really were grown up?

I was about 31 years old.  After a night with an endless pitcher of margaritas, I spent the morning with my head resting on my 18-month-olds porta-potty in the front room listening to the head-banging whining of Calliou and his equally whiny sister Rosie…puking my guts out.  Somewhere between the Calliou rolling credits and the opening song alerting me that Arthur was coming on next I realized that I was all grown up.

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  1. I can’t watch Calliou anymore for the same reason. Every time I hear the theme song, I instantly become nauseous and want to run head first into a brick wall.

  2. Oh this was a great Q&A I am so glad I am not the only one who would rather have a root canal then a playdate

  3. We just graduated into the Drop Play Date stage, which I love. Now I have free time. Today, I invited a kid over from camp so my kid would have someone to play with while I worked. And even though I adore the kid’s dad, I was thrilled so see him go on his merry way running errands. That’s a great play date! They even cleaned up.

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