Inside the Blogger’s Studio: Cluttered Genius

clutteredgeniusbutton2 (1)Welcome Cluttered Genius – we’re happy to have you as a guest blogger for Inside the Blogger’s Studio! This series is a way to get to know other bloggers, while also getting a glimpse into the life of a fellow parent. Who doesn’t love feeling like they aren’t the only ones going crazy?

I love anyone whose tagline is “Brilliant despite the mess.” I also feel like a kindred spirit to her because I first started out as an English teacher just like her. She covers everything in her blog – from parenting to crafts to recipes and heath. Geez, I’m exhausted just thinking about all that stuff… And the best part is that she is just plain funny.

With that said, let the questions begin!

If you had to sum up your blog in two sentences, what would you say?

Cluttered Genius is a blog about all those things in life that seemingly go by the wayside because we have “mommy brain” when in fact, we’re just so brilliant we don’t have time for menial tasks. If I can’t find my keys, my shoes, or my right contact, it’s not because I have problems with my memory — oh no, it’s because I’m too busy thinking about smart stuff.

What thing did you do today as a parent you wish you could take back and do over?

Today, I told my daughter that she couldn’t have any more of the chocolate bar I was reviewing for the blog because I needed it for research. I know, I know. That sounds awful. But I would definitely go back and do it again. (Oh wait, that’s not quite what you were asking, was it?)

What thing did you do today that you are happiest about?

I took a shower. In the morning. Before my husband left for work. It was luxurious and quiet with no one staring at me.

What is your least favorite activity to do with your children?

I love my babies, but I seriously hate waking up in the morning. Yes, they’re lovely creatures, and they’re so cute and warm in the morning. But holy moly, I’d like to sleep past 6:30.

What is your most favorite activity to do with your children?

I’m amazed to watch them see or learn new things. Our first trip to the aquarium was awesome as they saw those sharks swim over them or climbed up into the tubes with the penguins. There is nothing like seeing the world through their eyes.

When your child drives you absolutely crazy and you want to scream a curse word, which word do you wish you could say?

Pretty much the whole string of ‘em. And it would be in the voice of Yosemite Sam.

What’s your favorite lie you have ever told your child?

One time, the Tooth Fairy left a note for my daughter. The next morning, my daughter said, “Mom, her handwriting looks just like yours.” Somehow, I was able to immediately respond with, “Yeah, you see, they teach handwriting in school. We must have been in school around the same time.” She bought it.

At what moment did you realize that you really were grown up?

Mostly, I try to forget this fact. But, somewhere around thirty years old, things started sagging and dragging – and it wasn’t my pants. That’s when I realized I’m not that hot 20 year old I never was.

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  1. Haha! Great answers! You’re my kind of lady and I’m heading over to check out the blog now.

  2. Love it! Lydia, that was quick thinking for the tooth fairy story! I’m totally surprised my kids have never asked a similar question…

  3. Great answers — I could definitely relate to them!! I’m following you both on twitter! I love smart, funny ladies!

  4. Haha loved your style Cluttered Genius especially ‘realizing you’re not the hot 20 year old you never were’ . Releasing that hope of ever returning things to the way they were is liberating 😉

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