Holy Mackeroli – What a Day!

Ok, where do I even begin with how insane but amazing today was? It all started with my guest post going up on Rants from Mommyland. Rants was the first blog I ever read and I have been addicted since. It is the perfect approach to parenting – through sarcasm, inappropriate language and lots of laughter. And I can’t tell you how psyched I was to be a guest blogger – no joke, it’s like a dream come true. So I picked to feature my letter to my breasts. I’m hoping that by putting my boobies in the spotlight, they’ll agree to perk up more… to read it, click HERE.

Then, a bunch of folks came to visit the site and joined the fun on our Facebook page. Awesome. I love interacting with everyone – seriously fun time.

Then, I just got notified that my latest Huffington Post piece was picked to be on the front page of the Parents section of The Huffington Post.  What??? Seriously???  Yeah, I’m totally serious. It’s a piece I wrote for Blogger Idol and still hold dear. It’s called “Things I Can’t Tell My Daughter” – hope you’ll check it out… to read it, click HERE.

So now I’m assuming the end of the world is coming and I’m never going to use my free Cold Stone Creamery coupons…come to think of it, maybe I’ll celebrate with ice cream, considering that it is obviously all going to pot after today…Well hell, at least I won’t have to lose those 10 lbs before bathing suit season.




  1. Love your posts and glad to see that all the stars in the bloggy universe are lining up for you! Well deserved!

  2. New follower…thanks for joining in our Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party today! I am so glad you did, I am loving your posts!! I just read the Huff Post one…it was awesome!! Congrats!

  3. If I were you, I’d use those Cold Stone Creamery coupons. Ours just closed! But if you hear it’s closing-run over. They had free ice cream the last day.
    Great blog!

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