The infomercial you HAVE to see… HILARIOUS!

Every night after we put the kids to bed, my husband and I make ourselves a warm cup of tea and talk about the politics of the world while we read each other poetry.

Okay, that’s total crap.

We make a cocktail, pull up the ottoman and plop ourselves down in front of the TV while we tweet and check Facebook. It’s very romantic.

So last night, as he was flipping the channels, my husband stopped and started hysterically laughing.

I looked up from my incredibly witty tweet I was getting ready to send and almost spit out my drink.

It was an entire channel dedicated to selling adult toys. Basically, the QVC of vibrators.

I had to record a few minutes and share it with you all because there are so many funny elements of the few seconds we watched.

There’s the hilarity of both women wearing business suits to talk about sex toys. It might be the least erotic way to sell a vibrator.

There’s the insanity of what this actual toy looks like.

The weird thing the one woman is doing with her fingers every time the other woman says, “two.”

And then there’s my favorite part. When the one woman says, “Wow!” You can actually hear my husband and I laughing because I couldn’t listen to it without cracking up. I now can’t ever use the phrase “fully customizable” without picturing them…

You have to see it to believe it. Go see it now.

Click on link below to see it on my YouTube channel Рwhich I actually just created to post this.

Hilarious Adult Toy Commercial

There you go – there’s my 4th of July patriotic present to you. Don’t say I never gave you anything…




  1. Hilarious! You know when I think sex toys I definitely think of pant suits. The actress waving her 2 fingers was the best part for me. Every time I hear dual action I’m going to wave 2 fingers in her honor.

  2. That’s freaking hilarious!!

  3. All you need is some music…any ideas girls?

  4. Love it! So funny. Perfect thing to watch while having a cocktail :)

  5. I needed a laugh today. This was perfect. :-)

  6. Holy flying shitballs! You were right. I can now die happy after seeing that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard so much excitement with the word, “wow.”

  7. Her face when she says wow. Thanks for the laugh.

  8. I guess finger waving woman was putting so much energy into pretending that 1) there are women who’ve never seen the rabbit vibrator and 2) she was one of them that she had no energy left that she had no energy left for not being completely weird.


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