Inside the Blogger’s Studio: Crazed in the Kitchen

Welcome Crazed in the Kitchen –  we’re happy to have you Inside the Blogger’s Studio!  This series is a way to get to know other bloggers, while also getting a glimpse into the life of a fellow parent.  Who doesn’t love feeling like they aren’t the only ones going crazy??? This guest is a pretty special one for me because we were in the final 3 of Blogger Idol together.  She is truly one of the funniest and most honest writers around – make sure you give her some extra lovin’ – she’s worth it!

With that said, let the questions begin!

If you had to sum up your blog in two sentences, what would you say?

It’s about my everyday adventures as a novice housewife. I’m an elementary school teacher slowly adjusting to life as a stay at home mom–and blogging about it.

What thing did you do today as a parent you wish you could take back and do over?

Mornings are really hard for me, especially because my kids are like roosters—they wake up at the absolute first tiny twinkle of daylight and immediately begin to make ungodly amounts of noise. I wish I could relive this morning with a bit more patience and creativity. My boys always do better when I’m not lying on the sofa, drinking coffee through a straw and yelling, “Don’t hit your brother! Stop screaming at the cat!” On the mornings where I find the energy to play games with them and be positive, our days go much better. Most of the time, though, I give in and hand out the iPod and iPad for 20 minutes of peace (yeah, 20 minutes…I swear, that’s all…really, I mean it…).

What thing did you do today that you are happiest about?

My sons’ two best friends had their birthday parties this afternoon at the exact same time. Fortunately, the parties were just blocks apart and we were able to spend a good chunk of quality time at each party. It was kind of a pain to manage, but it brought my kids SUCH joy to get to celebrate with both of their friends. Also, I got to eat two different pieces of cake. I mean, I had to—right? To go to a birthday party and refuse cake would be downright rude, in my opinion. In fact, I’m SO polite that I went ahead and had seconds. At both parties. I may be busting out of my pants, but I am NOT rude!

What is your least favorite activity to do with your children?

It’s a tie between bath time and applying sunscreen. During bath time, they alternate between high-volume fighting and hysterical playing—both of which result in most of the bath water landing on the floor and me getting all wet. Seriously, if my husband didn’t step in I would probably only bathe them once a week. And I don’t know what it is about sunscreen that my children hate so much, but they act like I am smearing acid all over their faces when I put it on them. They twist and squirm and scream and cry until I’m done, so that most of the sunscreen ends up in their hair. Which, of course, just means they need another bath.

What is your most favorite activity to do with your children?

I love going with them to children’s museums. We have a membership to the one near us, and they enjoy it, but I especially love taking them to new ones they haven’t seen before. On our recent trip to Chicago we hit two children’s museums AND the kids’ area of the Museum of Science and Industry—they nearly lost their minds with joy. I love seeing them having so much fun and discovering new things. My 2-year-old wanted to spend all day in one museum’s kid-size grocery store, just filling up his little cart, pretending to check out, putting all the food back (ok, I did that), and then starting all over again. Geez, if *I* found grocery shopping that much fun we’d probably have more than leftover takeout pizza and Cheerios in our kitchen right now.

When your child drives you absolutely crazy and you want to scream a curse word, which word do you wish you could say?

FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCKING FUCK! That’s sort of one word, right? No matter, I feel better already.

What’s your favorite lie you have ever told your child?

Not long ago, in a fit of mealtime desperation, I told my boys that eating vegetables will make their feet stink and that eating meat will make their butts stink. They’ve been happily eating their veggies and meat ever since. The downside is that they are constantly thrusting body parts into my face at dinnertime, demanding that I “Smell this!!”

At what moment did you realize that you really were grown up?

Ugh. It was definitely when my husband and I decided to bite the bullet and write our wills. It wasn’t hard—we’re not millionaires—but it was one of those horribly unpleasant but utterly necessary tasks that grown-ups must do. Once we finally got it all done, we realized that we had to have witnesses who weren’t named in the wills sign them with us. So we did what any normal parents would do—during our son’s 3rd birthday party we whipped out our wills and had a few friends witness us signing them. Because nothing says “celebration of life” like “hey, here’s our wills, will you watch us sign them so everything is in order if we get hit by a bus and die tomorrow? Thanks! Want some cake?”

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