Cartoon characters that will grow up to be criminals…

handcuffsEvery day my kids wake up, eat breakfast, and watch cartoons. They can each pick one show to watch and it is always the moment I dread most in the day. Why? Because I find cartoons absolutely painful to watch. It’s like hearing someone tell a joke when you already know the punchline. You have to fake being interested when the entire time you are looking at their random chin hair sticking out. Oh wait, is that just me? Oh, sorry.

So during one of those painful cartoon watching moments, I noticed a few things. I noticed that there’s a few cartoon characters in which I have some serious concerns about their future. I believe the following cartoon characters are destined to a life of crime.

1. Elmo – he’s always talking in 3rd person – he never owns up to his problems.

2. Dora the Explorer – she can’t be held down – she’s always looking for that next adventure, that next high.

3. Bob the Builder – a dude that smart was meant to pick locks.

4. Clifford – Who the hell is going to mess with a huge red dog?

5. Lalaloopsy – Those chicks can walk  into a bank to rob it and no one would even know they weren’t wearing masks – they are really that ugly and bizarre looking.

Of course, I’ll still let my kids watch them. If I didn’t, how the hell would I check email and celebrity news every day?



  1. Ha. Ha.

  2. Norman Price! That kid is a psychopath.

  3. Hahaha :) I would add Stewie, that baby scares me half to death!

  4. Have you seen the Wiggles? How I WISH they were all cartoons!! They scare the hell out of me.

  5. Umm, BoohBah? Is that still around. It’s a cult. I’m pretty sure. Shivers up my spine just thinking about it. 😛

  6. All cartoon characters these days seem to have an angle, I wouldn’t trust any of them!

  7. I think Barney made bale! Last seen driving away with one of the characters from CARS :)

  8. I hear ya! Todays cartoons are either insipid, creepy, or gross. I refused to do it. I had a stack of Disney and Pixar movies and a bunch of old Bugs Bunny tapes and I wasn’t at all shy about using them. At least I don’t mind watching those shows 28 times in a row! #SITSSharefest

  9. SO true lol Elmo especially sets off alarms. No Calliou? I think that kid will be a drug dealer when he’s older, just sayin’.. Definitely must appreciate them though, we wouldn’t get much moments of peace without their “entertainment.” Have a great one! -Iva

  10. I’m with Julie on Boohbah. Bunch of drug addicts right there.

  11. Having to fake interest in shows can be the absolute worst sometimes! Lena is currently obsessed with Dog with a Blog. Want to talk painful, that one is downright awful!

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