The blue screen of death…

blue screnSo remember how I talked about going to heaven and back. Well…it seems that fate stepped in and wished that I had just stayed in Mexico.

The first day home went something like this:

6:00 am: Write post about how glorious vacation went and how happy I am to be home with my children. Happy warm feelings.

9:00 am: Turn back on my computer and receive blue screen of death. Not happy warm feelings.

9:01 am: Begin hyperventilating because I hadn’t yet backed up my computer from the last month of work. That includes writing two chapters of my book in Mexico.

9:03 am: Call husband in tears and he assures me that it will be ok. I curse at him and tell him to stop trying to solve my problems.

9:04 am: Call back husband and ask him to please solve my problem.

9:05 am: Kids ask for breakfast because they are oblivious to my pain and just want eggs and sausage. I burn the eggs just out of spite.

9:10 – 5 pm: Must pretend to be a focused mother parenting her children while googling “blue screen of death remedies” every five minutes.

5:01 pm: Call husband and ask him when he is coming home.

5:05 pm: Call husband again to make sure he doesn’t have any car trouble or reasons he will be late.

5:15 pm: Kiss the children and run out the door when my husband’s car pulls in. Leave raw meat on the counter for dinner.

5:25 pm: Run into Best Buy like a raving lunatic to see Geek Squad, only for them to tell me that my motherboard is trashed and I’ll need a new computer. However, he’s confident that data is not lost. However, it will cost $175 to put it all on external hard drive.

5:45 pm: Good friend messages me to tell me that she can help and is able to get the data off my computer. $175 saved, yet I realize I’m still in my pajamas and potentially have not brushed my teeth once during the day.

8:00 pm: Put kids to bed, and wonder what the hell I should do now without a computer. Very strange eerie feeling. Don’t like it.

8:05 pm: Borrow my husband’s computer because it feels like my fingers are going through withdrawals and aching to type.

7:00 am the next morning: New computer ordered.

So through this experience, I’ve learned that fate likes to read blogs and then mock them. Obviously it laughed when I said I was in heaven and decided to shake things up a bit. Ok, ok, fate, you win. I see the irony that the blue screen of death looked exactly like my pictures of the ocean in Mexico.

Well played fate, well played.




  1. OMG – my computer got a virus this week which has resulted in lots of swear words, moments of near office space tantrums, much yelling and the apologizing to my husband, and a trip to geek squad where they said it would cost $200 to remove the virus. I left. And had a drink. A big one.

  2. When my last computer died (RIP), I felt like I’d lost my arms. It is very scary how attached we become. Thankful you could save the data!!! Stand strong, new one will be faster than old. :)

  3. I would have freaked out, too! I’m tempting fate right now by telling you I’ve never gotten the blue screen of death…although I have gotten no screen at all, and spent a week without my laptop!

  4. I’ve got one laptop not working, and so I’ve been using my husband’s laptop for months now. It’s kinda old and probably will end up crashing at any time, but I’ve been putting off getting a new one as long as possible! :-)

  5. I’m kinda afraid to comment at all because Karma might read this and then hunt me down, but I did like your post, unless Karma doesn’t like it, in which case I totally hated it as well. (Just trying to cover all my bases….)

  6. The blue screen of death is a horrible thing. I’m glad your friend was able to save your files (and your money).

  7. glad you got your files. life beings at the end of your comfort zone and that old computer was your zone. have fun!

  8. You have an amazing ability to make the dreadful funny! My computer crashed a few years back, and now I have all my data backed up in two places! :)

  9. I don’t blame you for freaking out! The fear of losing all your work? I was so paranoid about that when I was writing my book, that I emailed what I was working on to two separate email accounts of mine. Overkill maybe but at least I didn’t lose anything!

  10. Laughing so hard at the husband bit where you curse him, then ask him to solve the problem. My relationship in a nutshell, LOL!!!

    Poor Hubby…

  11. Facing the blue screen of death is a terrible, terrible feeling. I’m so glad that your friend was able to retrieve your data and that you will soon have a shiny new computer to play with! Mac or PC?

  12. blue screen?? OMG! glad that you gt it back! :)

    Bloghopping from Bloggy Moms Hope you can drop by to my blog too and comment :) im also open for link exchange. Godbless you!!!

  13. Getting the ‘blue screen of death’ always feels a little like that constant beeeeep sound they play on TV when someone flatlines or they turn off the life support. Someone should yell CLEAR! And shock it back to life with the paddles…whatever that means!

  14. Just found you through SITS girls. Sorry for your loss…but loving the blog!

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