The Barbie Dream house has turned into a Frat House…

pottyMy two year-old son loves playing with Barbies. However, his older sister doesn’t particularly like the way he chooses to play with them.

This morning, while encouraging them to play together by themselves so I could cook breakfast (ie. check email, look at Facebook and possibly post on Twitter) I quickly heard a scream of terror from the second floor.

This is a usual occurrence so I chose to ignore it and go back to social media, I mean, cooking.

However, two seconds later, my daughter comes downstairs and tells me that she needs a towel fast.

“Oh geez, what for?” I ask with my eyes already rolling.

“He won’t stop spitting water into Barbie’s toilet like he’s puking!” She answers, exasperated.

“What????” I ask as I make my way upstairs. The walk I like to refer to as “Dead Mom Walking” – it’s the walk that always ends in a bad, bad situation.

And sure enough, there is my son, taking the water from his sippy cup and spitting it out into the miniature toilet in the Barbie Dream house while making a horrible gagging noise that resembles what I sounded like the first time I did a Jager shot.

“NO!” I shout. “Do not spit water from your cup into the Barbie toilet!” I yell. (A sentence I never thought I would utter)

To which my son simply says, “I’m cleaning the toilet.”

So needless to say, when my son goes to college I’m not only terrified if he joins a fraternity house, but I’m also sure he’ll need to hire a professional cleaning person who won’t try to clean the toilet with vomit.



  1. Hahaha! Sippy cup clean poopers! Poor Barbie!

  2. That’s pretty funny…. :) Your poor daughter… I think I would have screamed too!

  3. That is priceless!! I love it! Enjoy, it’s probably going to get even BETTER!!! 😀

  4. Creativity should not be hampered :).

  5. He’s just being practical and clever– toilets always have water in them… what’s the best way to get water from location to location when you’re a toddler? Via mouth of course 😉

  6. I love it! As a mom of three boys, I can only imagine what horrors would befall a Barbie dream house in our home!

  7. Ha! I’m impressed your 2 year old even THINKS about cleaning a toilet…well, he SAID “clean” anyway. That is definitely not anything my 2 yr old would think to do or say with any kind of toilet, which to her is just a bathtub for toys and tooth brushes.

  8. Could have been worse. He could have been spitting Milk Duds into Barbie’s toilet!

  9. This made my morning, thank you!

  10. This reminds me of my son coming down the stairs at 4 asking “where’s the party at?” He is 14 now time will tell….

  11. That was too funny! Your son is hilarious. Coming by from SITS!

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