A banana clip update…

The day is getting closer. Much much closer. No, not Mother’s Day. No, not the last day of school.

I’m talking about the day that I recreate this photo.

banana clips

If you’re new here, let me explain. While playing around on Pinterest, and pinning to my boards “Rooms My Son Would Ruin” and “Things I’ll Never Be Stylish Enough To Wear” – I came across the picture above. I have no idea if they were serious or not, but I had a few cocktails in me and thought it would be hilarious to recreate it.

My plan is to recreate it completely – banana clip, crimped hair and bad Wet-N-Wild makeup – when I reach 5,000 Facebook followers. I’ve been getting the help of TONS of bloggers who are sharing my plight with their readers. And I’ve been shouting out those bloggers here on the blog.

The crazy thing is that I’m only 120 followers away!!! How nuts is that??? I started this blog two years ago and am so unbelievable grateful for the support.

Here’s links to some of the latest bloggers to help me. I hope you’ll give them the same awesome love you have given me. They are seriously good peeps.

Kim Ulmanis Mom To Step and In Between
Visions by Volante Not Enough Wine in the World
Ready Set Parenthood Who Really Cares What I Think
Moms of Purpose Shit Happens Then There’s Alcohol
The Wild and Wonderful World of Gingersnaps Silence of the Mom
The Madness of Joy All Four Love
Mommy In Demand Cranky Mom of Two
I was promised more naps Momtools
Single Modern Mom Domestic Pirate
Mommy Needs a Break Lisa Nolan
Chocolate and Sunshine


And let me know if you help spread the word – I’d love to shout you out. I’m all about bloggers and writers ruling the world… (insert maniacal laugh here…)

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  1. Too funny! Can’t wait to see the recreation!

  2. Really Cute Idea! Good Luck!

  3. Cute!

  4. Really funny! Looks like you are getting even closer… only 90 away at this point :)

  5. This is so bizarre I just have to see it happen. Definitely sharing your FB page. You goof. 😀

  6. It.Must.Happen. The world will not be right until your goal has been met. We are here to assist you!-Ashley

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