Are My Eggs Ready Yet???

So I fell down the stairs yesterday morning.  Yep. Fell right down the stairs.  Here’s the worst part – I was carrying my 17 month old son.  Luckily, I felt myself fall and immediately put him in a football hold and protected him as I scraped up my arm, bruised my knee and landed on my head.  When I finally hit the floor, he was laughing at the amazing roller coaster ride he just went on, and I was crying from the pain of falling down a flight of stairs.

However, that isn’t what I really wanted to share with you.  What I wanted to share is what happened two seconds later.  So there I was, trying to hold back the tears from my pain as I stand my son up and look at my damaged body when my 4-year-old daughter looks up from the couch and says, “You ok?”

I reply in a shaky voice, “Uhmmm…yeah…I think I’ll be ok.”

To which she follows up with, “Are my eggs ready yet?”

Her mother is sitting on the floor with a bloody elbow and tears in her eyes and my daughter has one thought and one thought only on her brain – eggs.  It was at that moment that I realized I was truly a mother.  It’s always their boo-boos that matter.  When it is ours, eggs will always take precedence. Always. Damn eggs.



  1. Oh you poor thing :( I hope you’re not too sore today. So, were her eggs ready? 😉

  2. I would have tossed out a few choice words that shouldn’t be uttered around youngins. I had to laugh (and wince) at your story. Hope you are feeling better now.

  3. Yeah, I’m glad my kids don’t like eggs… Glad you’re both ok!

  4. EXCELLENT blog post!!! And OH so true!

  5. Oh no……the stair falling must be contagious:(

  6. LOL! I’m glad you’re okay…ish–maybe a little bruised pride and a busted elbow, huh?–but that is just too funny. My daughter is only 15 mos, but I guarantee when she can react in the same way, she absolutely will.

  7. At least she asked if you were okay first :)

  8. And here’s the difference between a mother and a wife: if my husband had done that, not only would he be wearing those eggs, but he’s probably be walking on egg shells for no less than one month.

  9. Make those damned eggs already!! Love the blog–stopped by as part of the Bloggy Moms blog hop, and I think you and I may just speak the same language. I look forward to following, and I hope you’ll check me out at, too!

  10. Hope you’re feeling okay. Sorry to read about your tumble.

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