My advice to bloggers…

I received an email last week from a blogger who was looking for advice. She was filling her favorites bar on her computer with all sorts of articles on editorial calendars, writing prompts, and things to “help” a blogger. She was overwhelmed and unsure how to keep her head above water.

To me, the answer was simple.

Just write.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the business of blogging – and that’s not such a bad thing at times – but in the end it’s about one thing – what you write. So yes, take the time to learn the business things, but when you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to go – do what you did in the beginning – write.

Here’s the truth. I don’t have an editorial calendar. I don’t know what I’m going to write about each week. Do you know why? Because then I wouldn’t be authentic. For the type of blog I have, I believe authenticity is key. I write about what’s happening in my life right now. I write and hope that there’s something there you can either relate to or laugh your ass off about – or maybe, sometimes, even both.

So my advice to bloggers? Just write. If you can plan, great. If you can’t – don’t sweat it. Just be real and write about what you love. And if you don’t love it – don’t write about it. Readers can see through fake faster than Miley Cyrus can take her clothes off and jump on construction equipment.

So just write.



  1. I’m much the same as you. I don’t really have an editorial calendar. I write very organically. However, I did by a planner this year so I can keep track of guest blogs that I have scheduled and the recipes I’ve done and need to write about. Otherwise, I might get overwhelmed. Great advice!

  2. I absolutely agree.

    When I started blogging, I did it to make money. I didn’t make any and it became too much like work. Now, I just write. Sure, I participate in the Secret Subject Swap and Fly on the Wall posts, but other than that, I write. And I don’t force myself to write, I do it when I feel like it or when something strikes me. A reader can tell when a blog is forced, so don’t force it at all.

  3. No editorial calendar here. I didn’t know those existed. lol I have one thing – a selfie challenge – that I’m doing. I plan to blog on that once a week. That’s about as far as I get with planning. LOL. I just write.

  4. I agree with your advice. I try to write 4 times a week. Sometimes 5, if I have enough to write about.

  5. Thank you for your words! I very well could have been that blogger who wrote to you! I will never know though because I am so overwhelmed with blogs that I have no idea where I am! I’m trying to have good blog etiquette, but between blogluvn and google + and feeds I just have no idea where to start! I know I’m supposed to write comments on so many blogs a day to get into a network, but I am consumed with making sure my sidebar looks cool and entering some link up or whatever else that I do not have time to read anyone’s blog! So, I chose your blog to read today and it happened to really hit home! I am going to “just write” and try to forget about missing out on all the link ups and other stuff!
    Thank you!!!

  6. I have tried repeatedly to use an editorial calendar but it’s never worked. I’m more convinced than ever it’s because of the type of blog I have. Like you, I write about what’s happening right now. There’s no need to plan ahead unless it’s something that calls for it.

    Sometimes I get too caught up in this rat race and lose sight of why I blog in the first place. Your advice of “Just write” is perfect and helpful. Thanks!

  7. So true! 2014 will be my first year using a planner/calendar, but it’s really because I need one. I have so many ideas running around in my head, and I go back and forth between writing 4 posts in one week to not writing anything for a month. I hope to get a little more organized and maybe start scheduling more posts out ahead, so they aren’t all crammed into one week.

  8. Amen, sister!

    That’s all this writer (and photographer) has to say…now I’ll get back to my writing (and photo editing when the ADD demands a diversion).

  9. So simple, yet I constantly find excuses to NOT write. Thanks, Danielle!

  10. I think that’s a great reminder for all of us. If I tried to plan what to write, it would all turn to crap…sometimes it turns to crap anyway, so I don’t need any help in that department.

  11. Perfect advice!

    I learned quickly that the posts that work are the ones I don’t force, and come straight from my heart. Doesn’t matter if I’m being serious, silly, filthy….as long as it’s true me it works.

  12. Great advice! The business of it all comes with practice anyway.

  13. With all the advice out there that says do this and don’t do that it’s easy to lose sight of what your blog means to you. Just write is the best advice.

  14. Best advice! I don’t plan my posts, I don’t have a schedule and my blog is fitness related, but I couldn’t write just fitness posts…how boring. So I write when I have something to say then I don’t struggle to find the words. Taking a break from the tech stuff was the best thing I could do.
    Love your Facebook page!

  15. Ah thank you – that’s what I needed to hear.

  16. Yes! I just write because I want to stay authentic. Authentic and poor. But authentic is better than making money, right? Oh good, then I am on the right track 😉 Seriously though, I try not to pressure myself because I’m not the kind of person to offer a giveaway or a contest or promote a product I wouldn’t use. Still though, making money blogging would be nice :-) Thanks for the mantra.

  17. I say the EXACT same thing. Agree wholeheartedly. YES!

  18. Now that is great advice! Plus, you just made me feel better that I don’t have editorial calendar. :)

  19. Great advice! I don’t use an editorial calendar either. I do have a list of blog post ideas that I refer to, but usually just write what is on my mind at the time. Thank you! (by the your blog name and header!)

  20. Thank you! I have a running list of “genius” brainstorm ideas that I keep and add to constantly, but I never plan it out because as a “mommy/lifestyle” blogger I feel like I should be posting about what’s going on in the moment and what’s in my heart. Not what I thought sounded like it would be popular when I thought of it 2 months ago.
    It’s easy to get lost in all the advice out there, but sometimes simplicity is key!
    x Caitlin

  21. This is exactly the same reason why I am very selective about the link ups I do. I’ve found that if I try to force my writing to fit a theme it ends badly. Just write. Brilliant!

  22. I agree, if you don’t focus on your content, it’s easy to lose control over your own blog.

  23. great advise i totally agree

  24. I love this – it’s totally true. I don’t have much of an editorial calendar, either, for the same reason!

  25. Wow, I’m amazed how many bloggers aren’t using an editorial calendar. I have two blogs and I’d lose my mind and sponsors if I didn’t plan ahead. That said: when emergencies happen and there’s no post ready, I no longer panic. The dividing line to plan or wing it depends on whether you have sponsored posts or doing blogger outreach with time sensitive giveaways etc. Btw, found you via Pinterest.

  26. I totally believe and what you are saying! However, my type of personality have to have some kind of calendar! I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing to happen to have an editorial calendar — it definitely motivates me and inspires me :) I say whatever floats your boat! I am trying to do something autentic this year with my site to connect to my readers while still staying true to my interests…hopefully my prompts and inspirational quotes that pop up when I least expect it will remind me why I started writing in the first place. XOXO love ya, keep writing strong!

  27. Thanks, I sometimes forget how I just need to write! Stopping by from SITS Tribe! Love your humor and blog!

  28. Great advice and perfect timing. I started blogging around October and I can admit I had no idea what I was doing. I have received lots of great advice, but your advice in this post has perfect timing for me. I began blogging to drive traffic to my business, but I fell in love with blogging. I am thinking about starting another blog for personal stuff. Figured I should get Math Ninja off the ground first.

    Stopping by from the SITS Tribe and looking forward to getting to know you!

  29. Perfectly said! I often find this is most helpful when I a stuck. I just write out all of my ideas and then I go back and work them into my editorial calendar.

  30. Love it. I was feeling bad that I didn’t plan too far in advance, but I just don’t write that way. So I’m going to take your wonderful and thoughtful advice. I’ll see you around the SITS FB group. Love the blog name!


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