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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Mattress Topper for Your Bed

Good and long lasting heath will require consecutive sound and restful night sleep. Bedding accessories are in the list as external factors delivering more add-on value to sleeper’s health improvement and power.

The best mattress topper should be selected in the manner that it will satisfy the physical requirements of sleepers and others supplementary related factors. In accordance with these concerns, preference of sleep partners or budget can affect the process to select.

Therefore, any sleepers should be knowledgeable to select their own choice with range of mattress topper types available in different stores made by various manufacturers.



Things to pre-consider

Knowledge on different types of mattress topper is compulsory. Available alternatives of mattress topper can range from classic, modern-plus to highly technological applied pad. In this part, sleepers will face with some challenges related to:

+ Types of materials: There are many different types of mattress topper. The basic mattress topper can be made of memory foam, latex, cotton or wool which is offered at average price while more advanced substances are down and memory foam. Obviously, discrepancies in price will verify the level of firm and soft capacity of the topper. Memory foam tops the list in elasticity to move according to the shape and motion of the sleepers’ body. However, its drawback is heat retaining which can disturb the sleepers with hot feel.

+ Brand names: Popularity of similar products of different names is essentially anti-monopoly which will benefit the customers the most, still at the same time giving them headache on their choice. As a good customer, you are advised not to shop with bias that reputational brand name is overweighing than low ranking manufacturers. A thorough look at all on hand brand name will help to obtain comprehensively good comparison leading to best option. However, it can not be denied that there is convincing excuse for such a good reputation.

Understanding of physical requirements is extremely needed. You should take control of your own health status and sleeping habits such as:

+ You are identified as stomach, back or side posture sleeper. There are even in the market mattress toppers which will be tailor-designed for a specific posture. It is indeed useful for patient.


+ Frequency of your motion. If much, anti-motion mattress topper should be chosen especially in the terms that you will not obstacle your partner’s sleeping.

+ Body physical status will includes factors of sweet releasing level, pain with back or neck and so on.

Preparation of budget is required to make your budget balanced and efficiently spent. You may aware of the average price of the mattress topper you are going to purchase, then a respective amount of budget should be spare for, i.e. the amount which you are willing to pay should be identified clearly in advance.

How to test mattress topper?

It is recommended to have a look at several stores. To save time and effort, online reviews should be researched for time-saving and costly plan of visit. You are even free to pass by the store whose mattress topper is on your favorite list as going back is always the option.

Testing your to-be-purchased mattress topper is vital as discomfort feel in the showroom will result in similar feel at home. It is smart to test the highest quality and most expensive mattress topper for initial try as you can be able to compare the quality of the rest correctly in order to find the most suitable in quality and cost in your ultimate decision. It is noted that sleepers should be patient to spend some minutes to rest on the mattress topper rather than hand touching or pushing plainly otherwise lack of test will be signal of being disappointed at actual home use.

Purchase notes are checking of warranty conditions as well as some promotion or plus service such as free delivery, return service, disposal of old mattress topper, etc.

How do you feel at home?

It takes time for sleeper’s body to get familiar with the new mattress topper, therefore for some first few days sleepers are going to real test the product. Criteria will consist of physical and visible factors such as the too hard or too sunk surface of the mattress topper, the ache and hurt of some body parts, especially the back.memory-foam-mattress-topper

After some days of use, if all of these signals fail to come then you can enjoy your comfort with new “partner” for a long time ahead, however, if problems are. Sleepers should return the mattress topper back but the exact problem should be clearly verified for better purchase afterwards.

After all, choosing the most in either quality or cost towards a mattress topper is not really a challenge to any sleepers provided that sleepers are confident with their shopping skills and knowledge on the mattress topper product.

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Mattress Pad, Protector, Cover, Encasement or Topper?

Your mattress is probably the most costly investment in the bedroom, thus it deserves and needs to be protected. If you choose the right products, they may reinforce the properties offered by the manufacturer, improving your experience and extending the life of the mattress.

Pad, topper, protector, cover and encasement all share the same function of defending your mattress against the damage factors outside such as dust, dirt, allergens and bugs. Meanwhile, mattress topper is a thick layer added atop and mostly for comfort. Despite how they are referred to as alternatives of one another, the definition and use of each differ if we look deeply into the matters.

Mattress Encasement

To start it off, encasement resembles a full-on shield with 6 sides to embrace your mattress completely, the other are 5-sided and hug the mattress like a fitted sheet. Yet, how does it benefit you?mattress encasement

Bed bugs: A worldwide concern. Bed bugs feed off human’s blood, as well as other warm-blooded animals, and you wouldn’t want to give them a chance to approach and reproduce anywhere near you and your family.

Allergens: Dust mites also enjoy making the inside of your mattress a hideout and feast upon the flakes of dead skin and pet dander. An encasement will block them as well as other allergens such as pollen and mold from getting into the mattress.

Waterproof: No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Moisture seeping into the mattress will trigger mold and mildew. Sweat, oil, food stain cause unpleasant odors. Not only are they not good on the eyes, many mattress warranties are to be voided if you spill something over it.

Mattress Protector, Cover and Pad

Mattress protector

The name speaks it all. The focus of this product is protection in regards with spill, stain, bugs and allergens.

mattress protector

By protecting the mattress, you’re able to slow down the deterioration of the inner materials. Most protectors are installed as a sheet fitting over the top and four sides and act as a protective layer against spill and stain, with the comfort not being its main purpose.

While bed bugs and allergens aren’t a featured function, premium protectors are made from special fabrics and capable of absorbing moisture and sealing out causes of allergy.

Protectors deliver necessary protection for expensive bedding, enhance the performance and, more often than not, prolong the mattress lifespan.

Mattress cover

Even though with the same benefits of protection against bed bugs, water damage and longevity, many would recommend mattress covers because of several plus points.

Covers are thin, so they breathe well and don’t alter the comfort of the mattress, but the zippered coverings keep them protected. Moreover, mattress covers have no filler, hence they are friendly to people who suffer allergies or asthma, without leaving spaces for dust mites and allergens to hide.

Mattress pad

Light padding and quilted top visually identify a mattress pad. It’s placed between the mattress and the sheet. In addition to the primary purpose of padding, a typical pad will manage heat and moisture with its special materials and keep you cozy.mattress pad

Most mattress pads also offer protection against stain to some extent, from inserting several layers between you and the mattress to offering properties of resisting stain and spill.

Thus, protection is a bonus feature of mattress pad, but comfort is its primary function.

Mattress Topper

Unlike the products enunciated above, mattress toppers are simply spread over your mattress and serve the ultimate purpose of enhancing the support and comfort. Through high-tech materials, a topper will conform to your body and distribute support evenly.

mattress topper
A memory foam mattress topper by LUCID

Toppers, too, have a secondary benefit promoted by special fabrics. With additional layers being installed, it might wick moisture away and manipulate heat, hinder stain and spill perhaps. However, a topper isn’t designed to provide real protection.

Do I need all of those?

Of course, too much is too little. With the amazing products on sale that offer multiple duties, you only need to consider carefully and decide on one or two amongst those.

You should start from determining your priorities. If you are simply looking for another layer of comfort for your mattress surface, consider a mattress topper. You want some safety methods without sacrificing the comfort? A mattress pad is for you.To protect your mattress from possible accidents or prevent the risk of suffering serious allergens? A mattress protector is the way to go.

The products can also be used in synchronization. A fine encasement paired with a quality mattress cover will bring the ultimate protection to your mattress.

Protection is necessary

Cleaning agents and tips are in abundance on the internet, but some stains might be a challenge to remove completely. Protecting your mattress from the start is a wise and easy choice, as these products are pretty much affordable and washable. Mattress protection is highly recommended to sleepers with sensitive skin or chronic allergies.

The integrity and the surface of the mattress ensures you only long-term benefits.

Guest Blogging

Mommy A to Z – My interview with Meredith Peters Hale

I love when authors reach out to me. It’s such a cool community to be part of and I’m thrilled when I get to see a really great writer publish something that is unique, fun and definitely worth reading. So when Meredith Peters Hale told me about her new book,  Mommy A to Z: An Encyclopedia of the Joys, Wonders and Absurdities of Motherhood, I asked if I could interview her so you can get a kick out of her as much as I do. And she even shared what made her self-publish, which was a bold decision seeing that she was formally an editor at a publishing house.

Plus, I love interviews – it makes me feel like a younger but not-as-hot Barbara Walters.

mommy a to z

1. If you had to pick three words to describe the book, what would they be?

Well, I may be biased, but the first word that comes to my mind is “relatable.” Mommy A to Z focuses on the small moments we moms face each day, from battling leaky sippy cups to surviving awkward playdates to admitting to your second grader that you have no idea where Mount Everest is (it’s in the Himalayas, in case you’re wondering—and if, like me, you’re still wondering, that’s South Asia). Mommy A to Z is an honest, no-holds-barred look at day-to-day life as a mom.

The second word that I’d use to describe Mommy A to Z is “funny.” As I say in the intro, “sometimes laughter is the only barrier between motherhood and madness.” I think to survive motherhood, you have to find the humor in it all. Whether you’re pretending your kid’s imaginary friend isn’t creepy, or smiling through your third princess party of the weekend, sometimes you just have to laugh.

The final word I’d use to describe the book is “loving.” When I wrote the book, it was important to me not to come across as mean-spirited or complaining. I love being a mom, no matter how hectic or overwhelming it can be. And so I included entries like “J is for Joy,” to remind myself how truly blessed I am to be a mother.

2. What was the hardest thing about writing the book?

I think all moms who write struggle with time management. It’s difficult to explain to your five-year-old that you can’t play Barbies because you’re writing about the joys of conception (or what you remember of it). Or to tell your husband that you can’t watch House of Cards because you’re struggling to explain the complexities of sippy cups. I often found balancing work, family, and writing to be a challenging task. Frequently I managed by writing into the wee hours, after everyone else had gone to bed. It was exhausting—but absolutely worth it in the end.

3. Tell us about the publishing process. Did you have an agent or go the self-publishing route? What advice would you give to other writers from your experience?

I chose to self-publish my book as an eBook, even though (in my life before kids) I was an acquisitions editor at a publishing house and still believe in the printed book. Personally, I was excited about the prospect of controlling every aspect of the process—from the cover design to the content to the distribution. One thing I learned as an editor is how much compromise an author has to make—whether it’s accepting a cover you’re not wild about or changing the book’s title to suit the marketing department. That said, I have to warn authors considering the self-publishing route that this control is a double-edged sword. Self-publishing means navigating the labyrinth that is the iTunes store. On your own. With a toddler sitting on your laptop. It means finding and hiring the right professionals to work with you. This can be hard for a new author, and requires perseverance.

For authors considering working with an agent, I have one word for you: platform. Book publishers want to know that an author (especially a nonfiction author) already has an audience in place. Before contacting an agent, try to build up your blog, or newsletter, or whatever you use to reach readers. This will help agents interest editors in your proposal, and help editors pitch your book to the sales, marketing, and other departments at acquisitions meetings.

4. What’s the best thing about being a parent?

This isn’t a terribly original answer, but I have to say love. What surprises me most, as an only child, is the joy I take from seeing my son and daughter interact with each other. The way they love each other—even when they’re arguing over a piece of lint on the floor—inspires me every day. I never understood the whole sibling thing before my son was born, but now I totally get it.

5. What’s the worst thing about being a parent?

The laundry. The relentless, unremitting piles of laundry that mock me on a daily basis from my kids’ laundry baskets. Before I even take the clean clothes out of the dryer, the piles have resurrected like something out of The Walking Dead, determined to crush my spirit with wet towels and soiled bathing suits. Oh, and the flu isn’t much fun either.

6. What’s your favorite letter of the alphabet and why?

I really enjoyed writing “M is for Movies”. We’re a family of movie geeks, and my husband and I couldn’t wait to start taking my daughter to the theater. Until, that is, we discovered that whoever writes for Disney has a serious dark side. As I frequently joke, everything my daughter learned about death, she learned from Disney. That said, movies have helped us broach a lot of serious issues in our family. Recently, my daughter lost her grandmother, and she explained it to us as “Nana is in the stars with Mufasa.” Which, when you think about it, is a beautiful way of looking at things.

Also, I strangely enjoyed writing “U is for Ultrasounds,” because, for the first time, I was able to admit that I never saw anything in those damn pictures. I think there’s something therapeutic in moms sharing that we’re not perfect. And there’s lots of imperfection in Mommy A to Z!

7. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

I wish I had more time to see friends. As we all know, being a mom – as well as a writer or a blogger – can be isolating. Nowadays, most of my real-world interaction is from behind a computer screen. I miss sitting across from girlfriends over sushi and catching up on our lives. Oh, and I’m a terrible parallel parker. I would gladly change that.

8. How can someone get your book?

Mommy A to Z is available as an eBook at Amazon. You can learn more about the book when visit 

Family General Perenting

Thanksgiving Crafts I’m Not Smart Enough To Make

If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you know that I start to twitch and back away slowly at the sight of crafts. I can do some basic things like make a snail out of Play Doh (hey, that took me two hours to figure out), but beyond that, I’m craft-intolerant. So Pinterest to me is like a bad reminder of all the things I’m not smart enough to make.

With that in mind, I thought I would share a few Thanksgiving crafts I found that made me say, “How the heck would I actually make that?”

1. “Simple Thanksgiving Wreath” by Adorable You

In order to make this, I’d first have to get a subscription to a newspaper.

Second, I’d have to find time to actually read that newspaper and figure out what stories would make good wreath material.

Then, I’d have to buy an old fashioned bag of potatoes to get that burlap bow.

On top of that, where’s the strands of the bow? How did they magically disappear?

And last, I don’t think I could write the letters that neatly even if I was back in school with that gray lined paper we all used.

However, I feel very confident that I could glue all of the letters to the wreath. Except if I used a glue gun. Nothing good comes from a glue gun and my fingers.

2. “Light Bulb Turkey” – Crafts by Amanda

Uh, this one just looks painful to me. First, I’d have to capture two birds. One with red feather and one with orange. Considering that most birds have migrated to Florida for the winter, this is going to be really tricky.

Second, I’d have to figure out how to take out the energy efficient light bulbs out of the lamp. I always forget to let them cool before taking them out so I’m pretty sure I would burn my fingers.

Next, I would have to cut out two hearts for the feet. Ever since elementary school I’ve been inefficient at cutting out hearts. One side is always larger than the other and they end up looking like two mismatched boobs – which is a sensitive topic for me. (insert awkward grabbing of my boobs here)

And finally, I’d have to paint the lightbulb poop brown. Is that an actual color or do I just ask for brown at the paint store? Additionally, where would one get a miniature hat that fits a lightbulb turkey? Is there a store for that? I hear that crazy Tuesday Morning store has everything a human being could ask for and more…

3. “Lollipop Turkey” – Crafts n’ Coffee

Ok, now how long do you think a centerpiece like this would last on our dining room table? I’d go to sleep on the first night and find my 2 year old son under the table in the morning surrounded by lollipop sticks and stuck to the floor from all the juice that leaked from his mouth.

Second, I’d have to go to a scrap booking store to get all those different papers. I have a death fear of scrap booking stores. It’s not that I have anything against folks who scrapbook, not at all. I am simply scared of a store that is so damn organized. There is not a single piece of ripped paper and every pen has the top on. It just makes me feel like I can go nuts at any moment and start inappropriately folding and bending paper. I also have a fantasy of running around the store saying, “I’m running with scissors!!!”

Last, I can’t stop thinking that the turkey is wearing a tie. Perhaps he is dressing up for the holidays or perhaps it is supposed to be his waddle. Either way – I’m impressed with his ability to show personal flair and style right before his death.

So there you have it. Three crafts that I’m not smart enough to make. I think for Thanksgiving I’m going to just try to make a little black pilgrim hat for my Play Doh snail. I mean, I’m sure snails were aboard The Mayflower, right?


Why I love Guy Kawasaki

In my previous post, I referenced an amazing experience I had with Guy Kawasaki at BlogHer. (If you don’t know who he is – google him – very cool guy who’s done some awesome things) I promised to tell the story – and here it is – and it’s definitely one I’ll never forget.

Guy was one of the keynote speakers at BlogHer. He talked about self-publishing your book instead of going the traditional publishing route. After finishing his interview with the moderator, they opened the floor to questions. And I did something completely out of my comfort zone – I asked the first question. As terrified as I was to ask a question in front of 5,000 people, I became even more terrified when the video image of me was projected onto the large stage screens. That was a whole lot of me I wasn’t expecting to see.

So what’s the first thing I said? I believe the quote was, “Oh my God, I can’t believe my hair looks like that – hold on”.

Yes, I actually said that.

Then, in front of 5,000 folks, I hair flipped and tried to shake it a bit to look better on that HUGE screen. (It didn’t)

After the laughter died down and I stop looking like a freak, I finally said my name and Martinis and Minivans. What happened next is where the cool part starts. Guy Kawasaki, upon hearing the name of my blog, said, “Women come up with the best blog names.” I felt like a kid who is picked to be line leader on the first day of school. Way cooler than I actually was. I didn’t hear any of his answer to my question because I kept making sure pee didn’t come down my leg and that I didn’t start picking my nose or something.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, he took a picture with me afterwards and gave a bunch of attendees free copies of his book.

Ok, that’s a great story, right? Oh no – that’s not all.

A few hours later I get an email from…. GUY KAWASAKI!

He was writing because someone put on Twitter that she thought he was being sexist with that comment about my blog name and he wanted to find out if I was offended and if I felt the same way as she did.

I sat there with my jaw open. First because I received an email from him, and secondly, because who the hell would get upset about that???

We proceeded to write a few emails back and forth discussing the insane nature of that comment and I reassured him that his worries were for nothing. Actually, I believe what I said was, “Don’t worry your pretty little android head over it…”

But the final icing on the cake was this. As I was typing my last email to him about this topic, my computer starts to make a weird noise. Within five seconds it starts to make a sizzling noise and sparks start shooting out the side of the computer. Within two seconds from that moment, my computer shuts down and can’t be turned on again.

An email to Guy Kawasaki was so powerful that it blew up my computer.  That folks is true power.

But it hasn’t ended there. Guy’s social media guru, Peg Fitzpatrick, who was with him at BlogHer, wrote about this experience (minus the computer blowing up, of course…) for The Huffington Post today. Check it out –

And I sit here, still in amazement of the whole thing.

And there you have it. A question, a video screen, a tweet, an email, and a dead computer. All because of Guy Kawasaki.

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My Son Is Wearing A Teething Necklace. I’m Officially On My Way To Being A Hippie.

I’ve become a hippie. Yes, you read that correctly, I am one step closer to never shaving my armpits again and actually using products that are BPA free.

Ok, ok, let’s not be ridiculous. The truth is that I have become a bit more hippie-like because I got an amber teething necklace for my son.  After weeks of crying and his fists shoved in his mouth, I was at my wits end.  We have tried it all – teething tablets, chew toys, ibuprofen, etc… and nothing was working.  A dear friend of mine purchased an amber necklace for a son last year and he has had no teething issues.

I, of course, mocked her mercilessly at the time and might have called him a surfer boy, but I digress.  The point is, I never thought I would buy one.

Last week, I walked into the hippie baby store that is filled with items that I have no idea how to use and asked for an amber necklace as my son was bawling his brains out and his fingers shoved in his mouth.

The saleswoman told me that it usually takes 6-8 hours to show signs of improvement.  I skeptically put it on him and snapped this picture of him wearing his necklace.  I then sent it to my hippie friend with a message that read, “This is what eating your words looks like.”

Then I waited.  I kid you not, right at hour seven, the boy removed his hands from his mouth, started smiling and suddenly I had a happy baby.  That was one week ago today and he is still smiling.  I, however, am still walking around with a stunned look on my face and can’t tell the story without shaking my head in disbelief.

Friends, I beg you, if I start chanting to crystals and talking about wearing Birkenstocks, come save me.  I will have gone to the dark side.